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xile 1 day ago
  I don't mind helping, but I suggest you try the following first. Play the level to lose in certain ways first. It will let you see moves you might not have seen before. I also run multiple copies of the game if I'm stuck. PM me if you still can't get them.
oldmanrob 12 days ago
  not solutions but a little hint is ok, i guess.
SuperDog 13 days ago
  It doesn't really feel right to give out solutions to levels, much less in a puzzle game.
Treazer 14 days ago
  What are the five levels?
chris3000 14 days ago
  That's great news xile. I still have 5 officials left to beat. Can someone give me hints or PM them to me?

I tried so hard to solve them myself but i'm just stuck.
Treazer 17 days ago
  Completely delete them from the database. They're still saved, but as rejected.

I would love to do this too, but only level 2 admins have this ability.
MatthijsM 17 days ago
  How do you mean?
xile 17 days ago
  I wish there was a way to clear out all the old rejected levels.
Treazer 19 days ago
  That's great to hear! :)
xile 19 days ago
  Been super busy the last few weeks. I should be able to play around a couple days per week now. :)
Treazer 1 month ago
  He appears to be inactive again, unfortunately.
chris3000 1 month ago
  Welcome back xile, I hope you can make more challenging levels here.
gameinsky 2 months ago
  Welcome back!

Sorry to hear about you having issues, hope everything is going well now.
Treazer 2 months ago
  It's great to see you back again, xile! We were wondering why you suddenly left, but I hope you are doing well now. :)
xile 2 months ago
  Well my friends I'm back after some serious issues with life. I'm happy to be playing one of my fav games again.
chris3000 6 months ago
  Thank you for making this pack. Now it will be easier to see which levels I have left to solve. I'm hoping to solve every level soon but it's going to take time.
Treazer 6 months ago
  I made a kids pack for BLockoban 2: BLockoban 2 Kids.
Funnily enough, it currently has exactly 200 levels.

I'm unfortunately not able to do packs for other categories, as I don't have enough time for that.
chris3000 6 months ago
  Good, keep the levels coming. We need to keep BL as alive as possible. Especially this game too.

I'm hoping to solve 1100 levels soon.
oldmanrob 6 months ago
  10 new cakewalks are waiting for acceptance.
chris3000 7 months ago
  Thanks for the entertaining cakewalk lvls. I had fun playing them.
Treazer 7 months ago
  Those Cakewalk levels are really great, is there a pack of them?
oldmanrob 7 months ago
  thank you chris. i will. at the moment there are six more in the stack.

[edit: ten now]
chris3000 7 months ago
  Wow, nice levels Oldman. I hope you continue to make more.
oldmanrob 7 months ago
  There are six new cakewalks.
ToughMan 9 months ago
  Very Merry Christmas Everyone and a Happy, Healthy, Successful and Joyful 2016!
manufan 1 year ago
  No they are not. Wall Blocks are movable walls. Walls are static. :)

Hence, wall blocks are affected by gravity and walls are not.
funguy161 1 year ago
  Should Walls And Wall Blocks Be The Same Thing?
chris3000 1 year ago
  It would be nice if I could solve all the officials here.
AK 1 year ago
  He's a tough man, all right... :P
Treazer 1 year ago
  Quoting Treazer from Level "A cup of blocks"
It was the right decision to believe in you, ToughMan.
Congratulations for being the only #1 in BLockoban 2! :D

BLockoban 2 developed by jp

Slide blocks, match 2 colors and remove them all!

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