Xmas gift from slidetoplay, 100 promo codes for BLOCKOBAN iPhone iPod touch game !!!

Finally, a fun, free, puzzler. A quality app for not a single dollar out of your wallet. (appversity.com)
A Great Puzzle Game. Blockoban is a lot of fun, and the single free version does a great job at making sure you enjoy it. (toucharcade.com)
iPhone game Blockoban, so fun it blocks out your time. Everything is beautifully done, and is truly designed with the user in mind. (insidesocialgames.com)

How to use the promo code ?
  • 1 - Download the game for free (iTunes link)
  • 2 - Run the game on your iPhone/iPod touch.
  • 3 - Complete the tutorial.
  • 4 - Go to the Full Version page (picture above).
  • 5 - Click on the Promo button.
  • 6 - Pick a promo code from the list below.
  • 7 - Et voilà, the 4050 levels of the Full Version of BLOCKOBAN are yours for free !

Too late! The 100 promo codes for the Full Version of BLOCKOBAN have been consumed so quickly! Nevertheless, Blockoban comes with 100 free and high quality levels, which is more than many paid apps. Give it a try (Details + Trailer / iTunes link).

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