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Topic, Level "A little adventure", game "Moonlights"

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MartinfraKongsberg 14 years ago
  One or two more big, fat pink moons on the left, and it's not cheatable!
gameinsky 14 years ago
  yes, still cheatable.
jp 14 years ago
  Accepted again, is cheat still possible ?
Im 14 years ago
  Cheating = Easy...
MooKings 14 years ago
  ....cheater! Edit please

1jase 14 years ago
  I can still cheat
MooKings 14 years ago
  you can
Elizea 14 years ago
  say when i can accept again
MooKings 14 years ago
  That what im going to do if an admin lets me edit
Deseis 14 years ago
  If there was a way to make the moons bigger, then the level would legit... otherwise, you can do it sorta easy. ^^;
MooKings 14 years ago
  Edit please

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