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Play the games

First of all, BonusLevel is a place to play free games in your browser. Games use Adobe Flash Player, you can download it for free in here. Please make sure you've installed the latest version for your internet browser.

How does it work ?

All visitors can play the games for free, but only registered members can save their scores and get their names into top players lists. Registration is free and only takes a minute.


Create the levels

Beside playing games in BonusLevel, you are invited to give your own contribution too since all the games are provided with a level editor and you can design your own levels to any game. Once they are approved by our administrators, your levels can be played and rated by everyone.

How does it work ?

You can launch the level editor from the page you play the game, and create the levels directly in your web browser. You must be a registered member to upload and share the levels.

New levels are moderated by a team of selected members, and not all the levels are accepted to the public. The objective being to display only fresh and high quality levels that bring something new to the game. However, you can always play your own levels.


Create the games

The BonusLevel project has been started by three game developers: Wouter Visser (Wouter), T├Ánu Paldra (tonypa) and Jean-Philippe Sarda (JP, twitter @jpsarda). It's now relying on its community to add new levels and new games.

How does it work ?

All has been designed to make it very easy to create games (and their level editors) for the BonusLevel interface. A documentation is available to implement the BonusLevel API and to submit games to this website.

We will check carefully all game submitions and will only accept the top quality games. For rejected games, we will carefully explain to the games authors the reasons and which modifications would be necessary to match our quality requirements.

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