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Topic, BL country ranking

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gameinsky 6 years ago
  This could be a fun little idea, but I'm sure that JP has better things to do...
oldmanrob 6 years ago
  a dialogue from the film casablanca
nazi major strasser: "what is your nationality?"
rick: "i'm a drunkard."
Treazer 6 years ago
  How to do it? Well, every user has a country and there's also top member rankings. This won't be a problem, I think.
AK 6 years ago
  I always thought this was a good idea. But how to do it...
ThisIsMyUsername 6 years ago
  What if that country only has 1 user and that user is you?
Maxamed 7 years ago
  I don't... Well Bump again!
MatthijsM 7 years ago
  maybe propose this to JP?
Maxamed 7 years ago
  In what way Gamelover?

AK 9 years ago
  I thought he was from Canada.....

OK, i'm #3 then. YAY!!!
joe45 9 years ago
  What about chris1?
AK 9 years ago
  No, you're first.
joe45 9 years ago
  @AK, wouldn't I be second because I have more EXP than you.
AK 9 years ago
  I'll contact JP.......
OliAli 9 years ago
  Great idea ^^
Hmmm , Duh. I'm 1st Slovakian. My brother's 2nd.
Hmm , Bah. I've not seen more Slovakian people here :D
AK 9 years ago
  I'm number 10 in America, number 2 in USA!

And I think this MIGHT be a good idea...
MarioIsFireball10 9 years ago
Im 9 years ago
  I would be #1 from Scandinavia. :D
Shiro 9 years ago
  It would be great if you could also see the top 10 of your own country...
murtaza64 9 years ago
niimporta 9 years ago
  America is not a country it's the entire America (canada, USA, Mexico and more) ;)

Vasilok: he means the Profile in the topic description
MatthijsM 9 years ago
  Im 23 days ago
And Gundu #1 from America... But this is starting to get slightly off topic.

Gundu is from Canada
Vasilok97 9 years ago
  as oh don't know, its the USSR symbol. :P
niimporta 9 years ago
  hahaha ^^ yeah xD
Ahroo 9 years ago
  ... You really need to get your eyes checked. xD
niimporta 9 years ago
  It's funny IMO, and it's a pretty dog ^^
Ahroo 9 years ago
  It's A PUG(ugly dog IMO...) WITH HUMAN TEETH!

That's really disturbing. O_o
jasperpostema 9 years ago
  I don't understand what you mean
Ahroo 9 years ago
  YOU see that as funny, I see that as disturbing. xD
niimporta 9 years ago
  Yes, it is.. because it was a funny pic hahah xD

lol ^^
Ahroo 9 years ago
  WTF Niimporta, is that your profile? WHY DO YOU HAVE A PUG AVATAR?! O_o

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niimporta 10 years ago
  I think BL need something like this:


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