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Topic, Coming consoles - What will you buy?

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Coolguy52 3 years ago
  It was gonna be called that but they changed it.
funguy161 3 years ago
  I Wanted A Wii U, But My Dad Got A Xbox 720... (Wait, Isn't It Called Xbox One?)
Edit: Oh, And I Wanted A PSVita Too.
manufan 7 years ago
  I might not be buying new consoles but I might buy FIFA12. It has proper effects such as blood coming off the players! I'm definately getting it!


@AK: N64 POWNS because of what glitches you can do on Super Mario 64 (SM64). Kinda missed the boat and got the DS Version instead. :(

@Treazer: I might save up and get Windows 8 in something like 2012/2013
gameinsky 7 years ago
  I'll never get any of those, got a wii last year but:

PSVita: Probably not...
Wii U: Heck yes!
PS4: PS isn't that bad, but I think it's a waste still to buy it :/
Xbox720: No way I'm going to buy a console where the games can be played on the PC anyway.
AK 7 years ago


I'm gonna buy a Gameboy Advance SP, so I can play my GBA Color games again. :)

BTW, N64 powns all because it has Ocarina of Time...
lololol 7 years ago
  PS4! PS4! PS4! PS4! PS4! PS4! PS4! PS4! PS4! PS4! PS4! PS4! PS4! PS4!

only cuz PS3 is da best
Who says this is going to be expensive? Technology has evolved since 2006 making it cheaper :P
Sillius 7 years ago
  PSVita: Nope, barely ever used PSP (only good games were Patapon 1/2).

Wii U: Hell Yeah!

PS4: I don't think there'll be much of a difference between this one and the PS3

XBox 720: Yeah let's buy a console that does the exact same thing as our computers... Only worse.
azz 7 years ago
  The 720 for me.
chris3000 7 years ago
  I'll most likely get the PS4.
MeatyDino246 7 years ago
  Wii U. Nuff' said
THeNiNJa 7 years ago
  PSVita: Nope, barely ever used PSP.

Wii U: Never.

PS4: Perhaps, depending on the game releases. The previous Playstations have all had some great games.

XBox 720: P2P Console - Hell yeah! (Not at all sarcasm(?))
CamoDragoon 7 years ago
  Meh.....I haven't watched any of these. :P

@Magic X, same here :P

Besides....Nintendo pwns. Nuff said.

PSVita:MAybe. If the games aren't so crappy. Best worthy one I found n PSP was Final Fantasy Dissidia. :/

PS4: Idk........I only recently even got PS3. It depends. :/

XBox72p: Same as DY. Xbox usually has best games, tho PS3 has some of those "great" RPG's (I haven't played many of them), so I will most likely get the new XBox. :)
Magic_X 7 years ago
  I might get the Wii U, just for the new Smash Bros. :D
birjolaxew 7 years ago
  PSVita: Not buying it, PSP may've been nice for a few games, but overall, it was disappointing.

Wii U: Not buying it, the Wii had nothing new, other than the controlling system, which noone but Nintendo managed to make good games for. The new controller doesn't change much here

PS4: Not buying. Too expensive, too expensive games.

XBox 720: Not buying. XBox Marketplace? I may pay for a game, but pay to play it? No thanks.
demonicyoshi 7 years ago
  Ps vita- I definately won't get it, the psp was a fail idea from the start (Unless you like sports games, they never released anything good for it). It can never beat the ds family, expecially not the 3ds.

Wii u- Sounds awsome, I'll consider buying it. Niintendo always brings new ellements to the playing feild, unlike the other systems.

ps4- No. The onlything the ps wins in is graphics, but since the wii u will be significantly more powerful then the ps3, the difference in graphics between the wii u and ps4 probally will be barely noticable on a regular tv.

XBox 720- Maybe. If it gets motion sensing, it will just be like a wii with better graphics, theres nothing really new to it. But I do enjoy the x-box games like l4d and cod. So if i get this, it will just be for the games.
gameinsky 7 years ago
  and the Wii 4 U and then WII R 4 U xD
allyally 7 years ago

I honestly think this.
jasperpostema 7 years ago
  The Wii U sounds great.
Nintendo GameCube - Wii - Wii U (family XD)
Ahroo 7 years ago
  I will get ALL OF THEM

and then laugh at you when you can't get that really epic game on a console you never bought >:D
SuperDog 7 years ago

End of story.
allyally 7 years ago
  -PSVita - er what?
-Wii U - looks pretty cool
- PS4 - I thought the PS3 way a step too far.
-XBox720 - Microsoft piece of crap which thinks that by putting a big number next to the name makes the console better better.

@ MIF is respect your loyalty for Nintendo. good for you. I have no non-Nintendo consoles either,.
chris3000 7 years ago
  I will get the PS4.
MarioIsFireball10 7 years ago
  Wii U, I am strictly Nintendo Only.
Treazer 7 years ago
  In the next years and months are coming 4 new consoles:

Wii U
XBox 720

I will definately buy the PSVita, its a new PSP. And you?



First post of the topic

Treazer 7 years ago
  In the next years and months are coming 4 new consoles:

Wii U
XBox 720

I will definately buy the PSVita, its a new PSP. And you?
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