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Topic, Very Dedicated Members

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kalina200 3 years ago
  My First Bl Vid On YT

And Why,
Im So Dedicated I Make A YT Vid 4 It
THeNiNJa 3 years ago
  It's pretty cool.
1jase 3 years ago
  Can't believe after 7 years I still see some of the same old names.
kalina200 3 years ago
  You Gonna Add New 1000 Day Members

Ive Had Nrly 600 Days Is That Good?
demonicyoshi 3 years ago
  Today's my 2525th day!

Here's the breakdown-

I averaged 1 level every 31.2 days and 1 official every 180.4 days

I gained 3.9 Exp per day on average

and I averaged 2.0 comments a day
SuperDog 3 years ago
  Yesterday was 6 years, 6 months and 6 days from my registration.
Coolguy52 3 years ago
  Yep, I passed 1000 too long ago...
SuperMario 3 years ago
  Bumping this and I don't care. This is my 2443rd day spent on this site. And, well, I'm about to hit 2500 this november.
chris3000 4 years ago
  I forgot to mention that September 6th marked my 5th year here. Where has the time gone.
demonicyoshi 4 years ago
  Bumping is rude. I'm dedicated to stop it.
totallyepicdude321 4 years ago
  yes, quite
Treazer 4 years ago
  Yeah, indeed. :D
gamelover101 4 years ago
  We should stop bumping then! :D
CamoDragoon 4 years ago
  Exactly. I'd rather delete this than continue it.
gamelover101 4 years ago
  1000 days probably isn't /that much/ anymore since this thread is 3 years old!
totallyepicdude321 4 years ago
  wow, I came a year after this topic...
CamoDragoon 4 years ago
  I forgot I even made this lol... if you guys really want I can update it. A list of new people to add would be helpful.
totallyepicdude321 4 years ago
  son October 28th, it will be my second year in bl!!!!!
I cant believe how long its been since I first joined... remember my first level?
ThisIsMyUsername 4 years ago
  Can't believe I'm over 1000 days old!
On Sep. 28 I'll be 3 years old, which it is 1095 days.
demonicyoshi 4 years ago
  My 2157th day.
considering I made 79 levels, that means I made an average of 1 level every 27.3 days since joining.

EDIT- that also means I gained an average of 4.41 xp per day since joining.
gamelover101 4 years ago
  1855th day today (as of September 15, 2014)
gameinsky 4 years ago
  2165th day
Coolguy52 4 years ago
  :P missed my 1000th

I don't have a clue when it was

Edit: 1443rd day!

Hmm... Turns out it was 29th June 2013
list plz
gamelover101 4 years ago
  Old people! :P
oldmanrob 4 years ago
  In two days it's six years. 2191 days. 52584 hours. Many of them spent blocking around.
SimonM 4 years ago
  Then mine is close.
Treazer 4 years ago
  As of today, I've spent 2000 days on BL! :D (and it's for Elizea tomorrow)
neoseanner 7 years ago
  (*<>*) i dunno how many days i'm was here !
SuperDog 7 years ago
  Shoot i missed my 1000th day, currently at 1065 days.

addz on tha list?
SimonM 7 years ago
  Same for me Rob.

[1] [2] [3] [4]


First post of the topic

CamoDragoon 7 years ago
  I'm sure many of you know that some members have been here for a while on BL, but not how long.
This is a little shout-out to GIS for his long service on BL as a member and a hard-working admin.
Congratz to GIS for 1000 days on BL!!! :D

P.S. Gundu's 1000th day is also coming up in two more days, early congratz to gundu as well! :)

1000-day old members
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