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Topic, Time For A Quiz 2?...

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kalina200 1 year ago
  May I please just say that my typing back then is generally painful to look at today.
kalina200 2 years ago
Coolguy52 3 years ago
  That is really difficult without cheating
kalina200 3 years ago
Coolguy52 3 years ago
  Nice test.
kalina200 3 years ago
kalina200 3 years ago
kalina200 3 years ago
  Bug For Taking Test Fixed
kalina200 3 years ago
  Finally Back

New Question
kalina200 3 years ago
  New Question Kindly Made By CG
gameinsky 3 years ago
  I noticed one of the questions was written as such:

xxx = x^_

Assuming _ is written as y

The mathematical way to write this is:
if logx(y) = xxx then y = ?
Coolguy52 3 years ago
  Ah... That isn't how brackets work,when you multiply with a bracket, you multiply across everything in the bracket, so it would be 32x^2, not 23x

Edit: Nvm, though you wouldn't usually write it as you have there, it is still correct.
kalina200 3 years ago

Wait I Might Have Done It Wrong.

Edit- I Did, Iv'e Sorted It Out.
Coolguy52 3 years ago
  I don't know what the answer is, can you tell me?
kalina200 3 years ago
  You Got First One Wrong, I'll Have To Change The Answer To Q2
Coolguy52 3 years ago
  I don't see how I got the first two wrong.
kalina200 3 years ago
  New Question ^_^
Coolguy52 4 years ago
  If you are going to do Questions on that topic, you must be respectful because it was the third worst mass-homicide ever committed and most don't like to reflect on this terrible event. (Also, Q6 isn't technically correct)
kalina200 4 years ago
  New Version Of Quiz Released Q1 Is Now Available

Update Beta 1.0-

Removed A Few Features From TFAQ

Started Question Series

Winner Of TFAQ-

Coolguy (64 Pts In Total)

Hope You Enjoy The New Quiz
kalina200 4 years ago
  New Final Question
kalina200 4 years ago
New Q
N Question
kalina200 4 years ago
Coolguy52 4 years ago
kalina200 4 years ago
  soz Ill Make It Hard Next Time
Coolguy52 4 years ago
kalina200 4 years ago
  Mistake Sorry

Anyways New Question
Coolguy52 4 years ago
  And fifty is less than that?
kalina200 4 years ago
  Nope I Checked $70 = £47 Or Somthings
Coolguy52 4 years ago
  yes, I took that test... Really hard and I think you made an error on £ to $
kalina200 4 years ago
  Anyone Here?


First post of the topic

kalina200 4 years ago
  Version 2.3

Time For A quiz 2

No Google Or Anything Like That
No Calculator, Converter Or Anything Like That
It Spoils The Fun If You Cheat
No Hate Plz

Question 7

Click On This To Start The Quiz.Type Your BL Name And Answer The Questions, Simple. Do It On Student Login


Scoring System:

2 Marks Per Question Answered 100% Correctly
1 Mark For 80%+

3 Points For Anyone Who Creates A Test
0 Points For Anyone Who Completes Their OWN Test


If U Become Admin U Can Check Other Tests And You Will Have The Power To Create/Help With Some Tests, They Will Also Receive Special Tests With Passcodes So Only They Can Play
With Some Tests I Will Use A Password Which Will Be Different Everytime I Will PM This To Admins So They Can Help By Adding Questions Or By Checking Scores..

People Who I Trust And People Who Play The Tests Often Will Gain Admin

Current Admins:

Coolguy52 (Trustworthy & Plays Tests Alot)
Gameinsky (Trustworthy & Plays Tests Alot)

Any Idears

If You Want To Add A Question PM Me The QnA And Do Not Answer It Yourself


Make Your Own And Send It To Me (On The Student Passcode Leave It Blank) Here
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