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Topic, Site has gone wrong

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Coolguy52 4 years ago
  True, no more bumping {\(0V0)/}.
kalina200 4 years ago
  We Don't Need This Topic Anymore
oldmanrob 4 years ago
  there are some bb2 levels waiting since before the site went off.
kalina200 4 years ago
  I Highly Agree

Btw On Puzzle It And Blockoban Im Starting A New Series
SimonM 4 years ago
  This is brilliant news!!!
kalina200 4 years ago
  I Mad A New Topic On BL
Coolguy52 4 years ago
  Yes!!!! !!!!!!!!
kalina200 4 years ago
  Lol Made 3 Levels Already
And 1 Pack
Treazer 4 years ago
  Finally! All hail jp! :D
geckojsc 4 years ago
  Yay, we're back!
dingdong 4 years ago
  The levels are back. What joy.
Coolguy52 4 years ago
  Well, gundu is 25, he was 72 before the error. We need this fixed. Sorry for starting the counting Elizea, if anyone wants to do that Click Here
kalina200 4 years ago

This is gettin way worst
because i need to get 100 lvls award,

I HAD 99 lvls than it crashed
Elizea 4 years ago
  Some users have been reporting that they are missing some key features on the site, or that their profile is (supposedly) showing wrong information.
Ady84 4 years ago
  My uploaded levels
had gone ! And my lvl is 3 its supposed to be 4
oldmanrob 4 years ago
  "minor inconveniences" ? you'r fun, guy!

Elizea 4 years ago
  Stop this madness! If you want to do your silly counting, do it on the counting topic. This topic is only for serious discussion about the minor inconveniences the site has been having last couple weeks.
oldmanrob 4 years ago
  me five.

(no admin can stop us here) :D
MeatyDino246 4 years ago
  me four... :/
Coolguy52 4 years ago
  me three :P
kalina200 4 years ago
  me to.......
Treazer 4 years ago
  I hope so... :( jp didn't respond yet. :/
kalina200 4 years ago
  Will site ever work again?
kalina200 4 years ago
  Becoming The Most Active Topic This Week


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kalina200 4 years ago
  This Is Getting Boring...
Coolguy52 4 years ago
  no answer I guess?
Treazer 4 years ago
  I did, but as I see, gecko just tried again. He'll hopefully answer this time... :/
MatthijsM 4 years ago
  contact him through twitter?
Treazer 4 years ago
  I contacted jp 3 days ago, no answer...
Coolguy52 4 years ago
  I was coming to a similar conclusion myself, Simon, I think you are right...

[1] [2] [3]


First post of the topic

Coolguy52 4 years ago
  The site has gone wrong, I could not access the the site in the morning, and now I have lost all my officials. I can't score on anything :P What happened, and how do I fix it?

EDIT: My bro said it could be that the score file has been misplaced by mistake...
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