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Eppy 11 years ago
  41 is impossible, bhah. IT's a loser
Asforien 11 years ago
  I think it would be better if the shapes were split into individual lines... Easier to edit and more possibilities (eg. shapes with alternating inward and outward walls)
jp 11 years ago
  My method is to capture in the editor with the "grid off" option. Even if tehre are visible nodes, it's better than in the game engine.
Asforien 11 years ago
  I can't get a good thumbnail since clicking causes the ball to shoot. And if I start the instant the level loads, there's the white line of the ball's path. How do you get proper thumbnails? oO
jp 11 years ago
  I think the editor is ok overall, it's not very easy to understand at first but maybe it's a good thin not to be flooded by too many levels when the site opens :).
The most important pb IMO is the last point of Psychotronic "if I make one little mistake in a shape, or if I want to change an angle, I have to start the whole level over from the beginning".
I think that if you can allow the designer to select the segment where he wants to create a new node , that would be a big big improvement.

Also the last point you told (about deleting the whole previous frame) is really anoying for desigenrs who wants to design perfect levels.
tonypa 11 years ago
  um... you can change the colors of already existing point by choosing new color and then press+drag over old point. It wont replace by simply clicking there, drag it back and forth...

You can also move, delete and add points to current shape. Only thing that is somewhat ugly, is that if you already create new shape then by deleting point in old shape whole shape is deleted.
Psychotronic 11 years ago
  I think the editor for Cobacoli is too hard to use. I can't move objects easily, and I can't replace one corner point with another color easily.

Blockoban doesn't let you move objects either (it would be nice if you could, though) but it's not a problem there because everything is made of individual blocks.

In Cobacoli, you're making whole shapes, and if I make one little mistake in a shape, or if I want to change an angle, I have to start the whole level over from the beginning.
Trkzgr 11 years ago
  cool game, cool music :)
jp 11 years ago
  Thx, great level ;)
burfy 11 years ago
  OK you wanted it :-) = no problems there
jp 11 years ago
  Did somebody try to make new levels for CoBaCoLi ? Strange that there aren't any new levels done, maybe is there a problem ?
jp 11 years ago
  I think also it's agreat game and I can't wait to see the creativity of BL members in action. Hope to open the site soon.
burfy 11 years ago
  Great game!

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burfy 11 years ago
  Great game!
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