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Topic, Real Names

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allyally 6 years ago
Elizea 6 years ago
  @nachos, Chandler? (:

I love the tv show xP
gamelover101 6 years ago
  My name is: *censored due to privacy*
nachos 6 years ago
  I was named after ________.
jasperpostema 6 years ago
  What's your name gundu?
gundu 6 years ago
  Hey... Hmmm... Hexicube. I'll keep calling you Marc

Marc, Do you still remember Ahroo's name? I'm not sure if I have the right name
Hexicube 6 years ago
  "I'm a frikkin' military kid! Of course I'm not allowed to reveal my true identity. >:p"
I suspect by now that has been rendered useless Ahroo...
SAMSUNG 6 years ago
  Callum Young.
Ferrari12 6 years ago
  Lololol: We still never write "ch" unless it's a name written in the latin alphabet that uses it. When we translate other alphabets, it's "tsj".
azz 6 years ago
  Aaron Foley .
lololol 6 years ago
  Yes, but it's a name, and not a word :)
Ferrari12 6 years ago
  Vasilok: When we translate russian to norwegian we write "tsj" instead of "ch" because we do not use "ch" in our language.
Garygoh884 6 years ago
  My real name is Gary Goh. I user Garygoh884 as my two names without space.
AK 6 years ago
I hate my real name. I hate it because it reminds my of my "parents"...

Thus, AK was born.
Vasilok97 6 years ago
  Oups, spelled wrong ;)

First name Vasilij
Last name Novikov
Patronymic MaksimoviCH (not tsj)
Ferrari12 6 years ago
  My real name is *sensored for internet security reasons*

Vasilok: You're name is Vasilij Maksimovitsj Novikov, or is Novikov a first name? I don't know anything else than the alphabet.
Vasilok97 6 years ago
  Heh, austrian changed his mother country :P
And he wrote his name and patronymic (wrong translator maybe, idk)

Ok, if it's so, Ferrari, introduce everybody into my name :)
Новиков Василий Максимович
PineappleDude 6 years ago
  My real name is Oscar :)
jasperpostema 6 years ago
  Guess mine!
JP: Jean-Phillipe Sarda
Wouter: Wouter Visser
Tonypa: Tõnu Paldra
Ferrari12 6 years ago
  Hi Vladimir Vissarionovitsj :)

I know the russian alphabet :P
austrian 6 years ago
  my name is Владимир Виссарионович.
Daft_Punk 6 years ago
  I was going to be called ___________ no matter what! :)
Magic_X 6 years ago
  My parents were going to name me "Fox," but then they named me __________.
AK 6 years ago


*I'm not telling, but I found out Ahroo's. >:D*
Ahroo 6 years ago
  Well, spit it out already, better you than me. :p
AK 6 years ago
  You already told me along with the (territory/country/state) you live in....
Ahroo 6 years ago
  lol wut? :_

wuts ur gess? :p
AK 6 years ago
  LOL Ahroo I know your name.......

Allyally, MUSE!!!!!

Finally I know what your admin is! I love their music!
MarioIsFireball10 6 years ago
chris3000 6 years ago
  my real name is chris kringle


First post of the topic

1jase 8 years ago
  OK we all know how we got our file names now what our real name you don't have to say you full name just your first it would be nice to know everybody namess

mine is as you all know Jason
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