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Topic, Nitrome Favorite Game

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funguy161 3 years ago
  Bump Battle Royale Is Truly My Favorite!
Treazer 9 years ago
  Twin Shot 2 is out!!!!!!!!!! w00t!
Jim674 9 years ago
  Newest: Double Edged, a sword fighting game, Castle Corp, I think it's ridiculous but fun. And coming soon: Twin Shot 2: Good and Evil. I can't wait.
Hexicube 9 years ago
  Lol wasn't there 5 mins ago?
Treazer 9 years ago
  A New!!!
Called "Droplets"!!!
Treazer 9 years ago
its not called "Cheese Cannon" its called "Cosmic Cannon"
Captain_404 9 years ago
  I must say, it reminds me of Gimme Friction Baby by Wouter.

It's a shame he's never around anymore.
Jim674 9 years ago
  New Game: Cheese Cannon! It's weird...
Friend 9 years ago
  I like Nitrome.
Jim674 9 years ago
  I hope they don't!
Jac1 9 years ago
  Gosh, will Nitrome never stop?
Treazer 9 years ago
  I Have Another....: Power Up (Its New) I Like this very!
Jim674 9 years ago
  Final Ninja Zero is so new. I checked yesterday and nothing was there.
Why don't we change this forum from 'Nitrome favorite game' to 'Nitrome in general'
Treazer 9 years ago
  you must be a green shock take
PaulWalrus 9 years ago
  what do you mean? I mean I'm stuck on a level. what happens at the end of the first game?
PaulWalrus 9 years ago
  what happened at the end of the first one? I never completely beat it.
Treazer 9 years ago
  Im have another favorite:Final Ninja Zero (new!) :)
Submarine95 9 years ago
  Onekey is cool :P LINK:
Jac1 9 years ago
  No-one likes Onekey?
Sillius 9 years ago
Jim674 9 years ago
  Skywire 2, Hot air 2, Flash Cat, Frost Bite 1.
Yay other Nitrome users
doomlord 9 years ago
  Yeah, haven't checked for a while so rustyarrds new.
PaulWalrus 9 years ago
  mirror image

no, scratch that. knuckleheads.
9steven9 9 years ago
  skywire 2 is my favorite
1jase 9 years ago
  Final Ninja, Toxic, Dirk Valentine i love those
Treazer 9 years ago
  Rustyard and Onekey is a little bit the same game....
Jac1 9 years ago
  What's Rustyard?

Edit: Great! A new game on Nitrome!
lololol 9 years ago
  Rustyard is my favourite game :)
Jac1 9 years ago
  Mine is Onekey.
gameinsky 9 years ago
  skywhere 2

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Treazer 9 years ago

can you say me your Nitrome Favorite Game?
Click Here!Nitrome
Mine is:Square Meal Click Here!Square Meal
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