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Game in test phase

Sorry, this game is in test phase and it is not yet public. Try again in a few days or weeks.

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suhangha 1 year ago
  Two categories were added, and a pack were added.


Pack: E C L I S E
popo2 1 year ago
  I see here, a fan-made version of the P4M game. I've played the original P4M game, even before I signed up, but I might make scores on that and P4M later...
suhangha 1 year ago
  Added to 20 levels and updated 1 level.

I want to please create the levels.

Fun level will come!

Carbon Copy : GreenSylveon10 Coolguy52 drstereos kalina200 LadersHD bonusbonus
suhangha 1 year ago
  Added Fan testers are:

Carbon Copy : suhangha-2 GreenSylveon10 Coolguy52
suhangha 1 year ago
  Hi Test fan.

I copied the swf directly to create Fan made Path 4 Mouse

I want to please make a game together.

-STcial Mod plex-
suhangha 1 year ago
  Lost: The game is a little awkward so then it is sorry to call a tester.
I will fixing this.

Hi! the STcial Mod plex.

This game is a lost game, but I would like to make it a useful game by replay it.

I'm unfamiliar with being a gamer, but it would be beneficial to may be with fans.

Now that you are starting, so there is a function you do not know.
"Carbon Copy"

The burden on the game look the only black and white.
Other burdens may be many.

I like puzzle games than this game.
However, only the game, not the puzzle game, works.
That's how it happened 4 years ago. Let's do it with Path 4 Mouse.

The Fan testers are:

developed by suhangha

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