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PuzzleFan 3 days ago
  Haven't been online in a while. Our internet was out for a week due to bad weather, knocked our whole area out with no power. Just thankfully we had plenty of snacks,water,flashlights and blankets/supplies to help us survive. Great stream of levels guys! Keep it up.
suhangha 4 days ago
  There is a bit problem with Temple and Iceage leveling
i want to set level based marcogardaland as 6.1 and level based SuperMario as 7.1
john96 5 days ago
  Wow, I haven't been on much lately and I went to play BB2 and what an amazing contribution of the levels you have made. I'm gonna try to contribute too, but I may need some assistance. Thank you Simon for taking the time to make that pack for us, now we can track our scores.
suhangha 6 days ago
  Dark Ages Time! those royal levels, the AltverZ 5, inspired by kiethy342 & Treazer!
suhangha-2 6 days ago
  What the somehow do you mean, dinosaur @gis
gameinsky 6 days ago
  As that one person from Jurassic Park said
Life... uhh, finds... uhh a way...
suhangha 6 days ago
  thanks nelson, additional thank to sincere manager nelson
nelson90 6 days ago
  Many thanks to Simon for creating this pack and to suhangha for providing so many nice and great levels. You both are contributing actively to the revival of this game.
chris3000 6 days ago
  Nice job, and excellent work on the latest levels, you've inspired me to think about some clever creations for the future. And great Simon making a Global Tournament for this, now I can see where I stand in scoring.
suhangha 7 days ago
  i reached 300 levels New award ! in this pack! epic pack!
suhangha-2 7 days ago
  thanks! cowboy and future levels are wonderful! @SimonM
SimonM 7 days ago
  I have made an all levels pack for BLockoban 2 as the other global packs were immensely outdated: BLockoban 2 Tournament.

@suhangha: your new levels are really great!
suhangha 7 days ago
  I will only take the finished level thumbnails @Nelson
suhangha-2 8 days ago
  AltverZ 3.8, 3.9 and 4.5, 4.6 are brilliant levels and done! phew finally!
suhangha-2 9 days ago
  I spent a lot of time trying to make levels better wonderful

wonderful cowboy levels (AltverZ 3.4 to 3.7) and
wonderful future levels (AltverZ 4.1 to 4.4) are done!

inspired by designers: Garygoh884 CamoDragoon
suhangha-2 11 days ago
1M and 2M are finished
gameinsky 14 days ago
  Glad to hear your rehabilitation has gone well!

Like Chris has said, pale Moon is from what I know the easiest solution to playing flash games.
suhangha-2 14 days ago
  1.M and 2.M were not finished, but 3.M was finished.

special thanks:
Jos (AltverZ 2)
xile (AltverZ 3)

hi, xile
chris3000 14 days ago
  Hi, remember me? I'm one of the top members under Simon. Yes, I was wondering what had happened too cause I believe last time we communicated was late 2015 into 2016.

You can download the latest Pale Moon browser, it's free/easy to set up. Nelson90 has the link to the website if you want to ask him. Does anyone know what happened to oldmanrob. He vanished 3-4 years ago. Hope you'll stay with us. I know some people can't access BL b/c of flash dying. Can't believe this site is almost 20 years old, who knew how fast time can go?

I'm still trying to find a strategy of solving the remaining levels, I'm gonna create a pack of the levels I left and see if you guys can help me, and yes I still have those 5 officials left in there as well. I know I won't be able to solve every one but I'm human and not a solving genius like murat/Toughman.

But seriously this game does stress me out trying to solve most of Gary's, svarg., pudel's, and Simon's hard levels. And not to mention some of Camodragoon's ones. I don't get it, I spend time trying to look at the blocks and piece what I can do to start solving but still doesn't register.
xile 14 days ago
  I left a really long time ago to get help with my addiction and I pretty much went dark while I fought to become normal. It took five or six years, but I've finally been doing okay the last few years. So, you been doing good? I like that the site hasn't changed since I was last around 8-9 years ago, it makes me feel like I'm not almost 40. I need to figure out how to get BB2 working so I can finish the last few levels. I got lazy at the end and had issues finding the unfinished levels so I played player levels. If I just hunted them down I would have been rank two, possibly one. The running to finish them all was really close with the top three players.
gameinsky 14 days ago
  Heya! That tends to happen when one is absent!

So what have you been up to these past years?
xile 14 days ago
  An old mod here, long time no see friends! I see my rank has dropped to 9.
suhangha 15 days ago
  @Nelson, electric to primal levels is fine to evaluate
nelson90 1 month ago
  @suhangha-2: I can make rejected levels to be edited, just let me know which levels you would like to update.
suhangha-2 1 month ago
  I'm going to creates "Alternate UniverZ" in this game
I created multi series for another puzzle (BB1, PI, Jellify) some years ago

i lately restored failed levels
If you can't accept My reject levels, please revelation to me, i can spy them to new levels
gameinsky 1 month ago
  Yeah, hold shift whilst taking a thumbnail and it will always be perfectly square. I know some admins even refused to accept levels that refused to accept levels without square thumbnails.
Coolguy52 1 month ago
  To take a thumbnail, it is easiest to use the 'SHIFT' button to fix the aspect ratio to 1:1 so it won't look stretched.
john96 1 month ago
  To be honest I have trouble with thumbnails because sometimes they will stretch. I guess i'll have to study the official levels and see how their thumbnails are.
nelson90 1 month ago
  You’re right, I need to pay much more attention to thumbnails. Level marked to be edited.

BLockoban 2 developed by jp

Slide blocks, match 2 colors and remove them all!

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