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PuzzleFan 3 days ago
  What GIS said below... I should start making levels here.
gameinsky 15 days ago
  ... what, that's not how mold works
chris3000 15 days ago
  Wow, suhangha, your wave series is hard. Well guys, we are currently moving this week. We have been living in an apartment complex for 7 and a half years and we have found out that they were water-damaged which caused mold. We are allergic to mold and has made us real sick. So we are moving to building 300, we are living in the 100 section. So I may be inactive for a while. We cannot take any belongings as it will contaminate our new place, so we will have to buy a new laptop. So, wish us luck moving! Hope everyone has a fun safe summer.
PuzzleFan 27 days ago
  Can't wait to see what other series you have to offer for us, you are a blockoban master at making levels. You should get an award for it, seriously. And nelson has been doing a fantastic job with the admin duties the past 6 months as he was appointed in late November.
suhangha 1 month ago
  wave levels are done @Nelson
wave 2 thumbnail updated

please note: In fact, the old-school series (2017 to 2019) is limited to old-school theme color combinations (not universter theme). (BB and BB2 theme)
suhangha-2 1 month ago
  Message removed...
nelson90 2 months ago
  @John: level Four-Color Rectangle is too trivial, even for kids. I have marked it to be edited.
nelson90 2 months ago
  Welcome back ADIXD1, congratulations for your first accepted level! I am looking forward to seeing more levels from you :)
nelson90 2 months ago
  @John: I have accepted all your levels. Nice work, and plenty of room for optimization.
john96 2 months ago
  Hi, I have submitted some new levels this morning. @Nelson: can you take a look at them whenever you get online. Thank you, and let me know if I need to correct anything.
suhangha-2 2 months ago
  Thanks very much, and well done! although I have included good levels without rate
nelson90 3 months ago
  No need for excuses suhangha, I only asked you to help me solve these levels because I had no idea how to start. Now, I have solved AltverZ 7.M after many attempts, it is a really fantastic level with many tricks and possibilities to be stuck. Indeed a great 5/5!
suhangha-2 3 months ago
  @Nelson: I'll solve them but excuse
(7.m is not so hard)
nelson90 3 months ago
  @suhangha: 6.M and 7.M seem to be very hard, it will probably take me some time to resolve them. The same for 5.M (is it finished?). Could you please score on them to prove that they are possible?
Btw is level 5.9 ready for evaluation?
suhangha-2 3 months ago
  6.M 7.M successfully done

The solution 6.M is to consider the order in which the color blocks fall in layers with use the top, so beautifully difficult (huge temple)
suhangha-2 3 months ago
  finished up to 6.9, 7.9

please note : "AltverZ #.#" (basics) can have many grids (difficult during zoomout, it's minimal), but I want set to big-map for only .M (massive attack) levels
suhangha-2 3 months ago
  @Nelson: I took thumbnails but still loading database, please wait
nelson90 3 months ago
  @suhangha: I would be happy to accept levels AltverZ 6.5 and AltverZ 7.5, but they need a thumbnail. Please update.
suhangha-2 3 months ago
  @Nelson: both 4 to 6 done

note: I took action another level for 6.4
suhangha-2 3 months ago
  Message removed...
suhangha-2 3 months ago
  Lost City & Frostbite Caves Time!

bush levels 6.1~3 and cold levels 7.1~3, these are ready!

as you guys know, thanks to: marcogardaland AK SuperMario Elizea


Dynamo 3 months ago
  All sorted, thanks nelson! I've got a few more ideas brewing, so hopefully there will more to come. :P
nelson90 3 months ago
  @Dynamo, thanks for the information. Your level Wasting Away seems to be extremely hard, I haven’t found the solution yet. I have deleted your score. Please solve your level again so I can accept it.
chris3000 3 months ago
  Can't wait to try your level, I am confident that it will be clever/fun to solve. It might take me a long time to get this chaining thing. I did manage to solve Simon's first "Mini Chain" level because it was short and really didn't take that long to eliminate my possibilities.

in "To the Power of 14", I cannot figure out a method of how to break the red and blue in threes all at once. I feel like I'm missing something important here.
Dynamo 3 months ago
  @Nelson, just thought I'd let you know when you come to evaluate my new level, unless you can match it or beat it, my score of 42 is no longer possible so will need to be removed. I might've completely missed a better solution, who knows. :D
chris3000 3 months ago
  Excellent work on the new levels John, I had a lot of fun solving them!

@Nelson: I removed the double border in "Icebox", and I added a lot of links in the "Ketchup Bottle" level to make it more confusing/trickier to solve. Is the Big Maps category appropriate or should I change it to medium?

@CG: had fun solving your newest kids level. Ingenious is trickier as I have to set up the blocks so that they break in threes.
nelson90 3 months ago
  @John: thanks for fixing your levels, they are now accepted. No need to apologize, personal things are indeed much more important than games.

I would be happy to send you a PM, but as already said your inbox doesn't accept any message (the same annoying bug that affects the newly created levels, no comment is possible).

I have evaluated and accepted your new levels. Good work, John!
john96 3 months ago
  @nelson90: Hi, I fixed my "Blue Facility" level by making the thumbnail more clear. Sorry it took me so long but I've been busy with helping my family/relatives and with other life/important things. I also fixed "Icy Pink", and made it a little smaller and more compact/trickier.

I created and uploaded some new levels today, let me know how they are by sending me a PM or posting here. Thank you for helping us by evaluating our levels on a daily basis. Take care.

Could you guys give me some tips on how to make really good compact levels. I saw some great ones by pudel,Simon,gundu,Elizea, Jos, allyally and more. One example is "Red Frog" by Simon. It is small, compact and tricky meaning each block can help each other out.
Coolguy52 3 months ago
  I think the best way to get better at it is just to play a lot of chaining levels. I think the 'Mini chain' levels are very useful as they're small levels with one or two tricks.
chris3000 3 months ago
  Chaining is important to master some of the very hard ones from svart, Gary and pudel. Can you guys teach me too. If you don't mind mind, i'd like to make more brain-busters as well!

BLockoban 2 developed by jp

Slide blocks, match 2 colors and remove them all!

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