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chris3000 10 hours ago
  Hey, i am back everyone, I hope you all and your families are doing okay. I have been very busy taking care of my family and doing chores, keeping our food and suppliments/supplies in stock. I'm going to evaluate a bunch of levels tonight. I will try my best to be on here more often just be patient if possible.
suhangha 11 days ago
  Simon’s pack is finished? because pack evaluable instantly
chris3000 16 days ago
  Wow you guys are relentless, you must be listening to music in order to get better at solving. Keep it up, hang in there. I'll be back when I can.
sycoraximperator 1 month ago
  You are well informed SimonM!
SimonM 1 month ago
  You are probably referring to the discontinuation of flash. The site still works, but the flash player plugin won't be supported out of the box on the major browsers. However, I think there will still be third-party plugins to be able to run flash player in your browser.
sycoraximperator 1 month ago
  Good! But what happens to the game after Des 2020?
SimonM 1 month ago
  I still am, still 1000 levels left to solve.
sycoraximperator 1 month ago
  Anyone still playing this game?
sycoraximperator 2 months ago
  Anytime M8!
chris3000 2 months ago
  Yeah sorry, i will when I can. Just busy with household responsibilities and taking care of me and my family, i'll do my best. Plus my aunt is in the hospital so we're having to drive out of town twice a week to check on her.
sycoraximperator 2 months ago
  Chris M8! Doing the levelflood soon?
chris3000 3 months ago
  I just them Wednesday, i just have to set them up when i can. Blockoban is just not the same without oldmtnguy. I hope everyone is staying safe at home avoiding the virus.
sycoraximperator 3 months ago
  Hey Chris! Is your laptop arriving soon?
chris3000 4 months ago
  Great work with the tournament pack, i'll approve it once i get my computer here.
suhangha 4 months ago
  Finally, all 88 levels are completed!!! and "Pat & Mat 40~43" are finished!!! I'll post the pack publicly. It's still keeping gray square.
Pack here: Mod's Collection 2020
Puzzle it Useful Pack: Peaceful Amuse-Park 2020 (Puzzle It) (A good pack as a substitute for the official levels at the beginning "Puzzle It")

3333rd BB Message!!!!
suhangha 4 months ago
  I made the levels by seasons. Levels have been completed for about 5 months, and I have listed them in one pack. I've been empty for Busy work for a while, now it's finished.
I am sure about the completion of the pack soon.

If you are curious, Spoiler (Seasons):
sycoraximperator 4 months ago
  Amazing work Simon. Thank you!
SimonM 4 months ago
  Hi everyone. I made a pack BLockoban Tournament containing every accepted BLockoban level there is.
small 4 months ago
  Ok, then my expectation was wrong.
Dynamo 5 months ago
  I think it's a bit unfair to suggest no one thinks about him. I know I owe so much of my level creating knowledge to him, especially when I first started making levels for BB back when I was 10, I respected and took on board his comments so much. People just pay their respects in different ways, not everyone is so vocal about it. He would definitely want BL and its community to keep going for as long as we can, and we should continue to play and create levels in his honour. Besides, he's basically left behind a legacy as the godfather of BL, no one is taking that away from him. :)
small 5 months ago
  I am really sad that nobody says anything about oltmguy. Everyone writes about the game, but nobody thinks about him.
Dynamo 5 months ago
  There's also a topic in the Forums tab (at the top of the page) titled 'Syntax Tutorial', this contains a list of everything you can do on BL, including Spoilers. :)
Coolguy52 5 months ago
  [ spoiler] Text goes here [ /spoiler] without spaces
sycoraximperator 5 months ago
  How do you make a spoiler?
chris3000 5 months ago
  Were supposed to be getting our stimulus check next week, so when we do i'll order the laptop, so when I return i'll be evaluating levels 3 times a week at least. Nice Syco and Simon.
sycoraximperator 5 months ago
  That`s awesome! :-) Well done both of you!
newby 5 months ago
  suhangha = covid 19 and/ or acute schizophrenic mood
sycoraximperator 5 months ago
  SimonM: You will beat me for sure... and you are one damn good designer too.
SimonM 5 months ago
  I still have 1432 levels left. I am getting closer.
sycoraximperator 5 months ago
  1299 levels left to solve. That means i have solved almost 150 (148 if i remember correctly) levels since last level update. 3 more and i have reached 8500 solved puzzles in total. How many of you are still active? And how many have you left? I still love this game after over 10 years of playing!

BLockoban developed by jp

A puzzle game inspired by Sokoban and Cubeoban.
Try also BLockoban for iPhone.

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