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magnacumlaud 6 hours ago
  Thanks SimonM!
I wanna say: that ALL level designer make a great job that this site presents such a lot of fun! Of course the pack designer too! Yggdrasill4's created levels are awesome nearly perfect!
gameinsky 2 days ago
  Ok, going to step in and remove the political comment that is completely unrelated to this discussion.

Move along.
SimonM 2 days ago
  @magnacumlaud, what OMG is trying to say is that it creates new work, that could have been avoided if the category was right from the very start.
magnacumlaud 3 days ago
  @ OMG 'a lot of changes based on one persons opinion' you are definitely wrong! And you know this!, cause it's easy to review! Maybe, have a look to OMR's comments here and in easy pack after my first postings 2 months ago in a really early phase!
Yggdrasill4 10 days ago
  Much thanks for all the support and the opportunity to be a trusted member, I can't believe how I continue to come back to this site after so many years, there are a few other sites that I visit as long as this one other than the obvious like google or youtube, so hope it stays active in the future. I'm going to keep the difficulty of the ones I already submitted the same as to not ruin any already set packs, and try and better evaluate the difficulty of any future submissions.
SimonM 10 days ago
  I want to add this; if you are hesitating between 2 categories, choose the more difficult one.
@Yggdrasill4: to change categories without opening the level in editor, you can go to the more page (located in the blue rectangle above the comments of the level).
Elizea 10 days ago
  I feel like categories in this game have been kinda awkward since forever. I think they mostly help newer (or just non-experienced) people to find levels that they are realistically able to complete. For veterans, there aren't many levels that could be considered "out of reach" and categorizing levels more for their skills is kinda unnecessary.

Say OMG goes play a level. It doesn't matter much to him (I imagine) if the level is marked as "hard" or "normal"? For someone less experienced tho, it would be very helpful to know if a level is most likely too difficult for them.

I made Yggdrasill4 a trusted member on BB. This should let you change the difficulties on your own accepted levels. As OMG said, it causes some issues with packs so keep that in mind I guess?

Cool to see this community still be so active.
oldmtnguy 10 days ago
  Go to the level, state your request and click Call for an admin. An administrator can see the call and react. As an admin, changing a level category is not a problem. However, it requires an update on two packs. This takes a lot of volunteer time. It is really not feasible to go back and make a lot of changes based on one persons opinion. We all want the game to be as organized as possible. Categories will always be subject to personal preference and ability. As a whole, the quality of levels has greatly improved over the years, making category choice difficult. If there are errors, I apologize and am always willing to help if needed. Please remember that we are all here to have fun and be entertained so try not to stress too much.
@Yggdrasill4 I think you are experienced enough to set proper categories. Please don't make extra work for administrators.
gameinsky 10 days ago
  You can't change difficulties yourself, you'll need a mod to do it for you.

I changed Gliese star because that was the one level people specifically complained about.

If you can provode me a big list of levels to change difficulty from and to, I'll go through it.
Yggdrasill4 11 days ago
  Soooo... How do you change the difficulty on already submitted levels? Sorry, I hesitated for a while to change the difficulties due to the embarrassment of this very question.
small 13 days ago
  Oh, I've not seen this as a complaint, simply as a talk in the community to keep us in motion. I'm glad that he gives me the possibility to play all the levels again and sometimes improve my score.
It's a welcome change for me to the levels, where I will hang, because I find no solution. Thank you!

And once again... a huge thank you to all the great level designers, so we can play and play and play and have a lot of fun!!!
magnacumlaud 13 days ago
  @ gameinsky + all
why did you only change Gliese Star???
player like Chris should be able to solve easy pack! With all this Yggdrasill4 levels it is absolutely unfair! Now this guy started to explain step by step how to solve his 'easy' level and that without a spoiler! It is absurd!!!

Again: Gliese Star has nothing to do in easy pack same with Antispiral Synch, Tension Frame, Mini Cascade, Fidget, Zephon, Aberrated Plant and Prototypical so change them!!! What else are different level of difficulty for???

@ Chris first: you are great level designer, Thank you!
It is a good way to train and force solving strategies by playing kids and easy levels!
chris3000 14 days ago
  @Oldmanrob: Hey, sorry it does seem like I am complaining. I need to use my energy to be positive and just be patient until I solve each level. I know it will take time to solve the rest of the levels, but I will do the best I can.

It is fun trying to optimize my score on other lvls that I've solved. Thank you for taking the time to make a pack for each category of levels. That's why I want this game to continue on and on so I can have fun.
oldmanrob 15 days ago
  Chris, why are you complaining all the time? If I look at the homepage of BL I can see that you are on rank 3 of the top members with a good opportunity to go up to rank 2 before the end of the year as gundu seems not to play anymore.

On BB I have to solve two official levels since years. No way I will ever succeed. And btw. about eight years ago I had only 4 levels left now they are over 1140.

However my goal in this game is to have FUN. As long as i have it I will go on playing. If the fun stops I will stop to play.
Treazer 17 days ago
  I'm sure you can do it, considering you already achieved a lot! Regarding your challenge, I would like to participate generally, but unfortunately, I'm quite the opposite of good in BLockoban so I have to pass.
chris3000 18 days ago
  Hey, look I'm getting stressed about the rest of the levels I have to solve. It's getting harder to solve levels, I only have 60 easy levels left, after that it will be med and hard. I have 1,865 lvls left in my unplayed tab. I am ashamed to say that some levels I've been stuck on for 2 years max and I am still not able to solve them. A majority of them are from PA, murat, Toughman, Camo, Monty, and Jos. I still have 23 officials left too. These 1865 lvls I have left are killing my brain to where my last brain cell has gone kaput. It's no point in me asking for hints anymore b/c I'm sure most players don't remember how they solved the med and hard. But I would at least like to solve the rest of the officials if I can. The best advice that I can give myself is to keep doing the lvl over and over and find a different strategy to solve it each time.

And I would like to start something fun with you guys. I would like to start improving on the levels I've solved. I'll post on each one I get a highscore or get a very very good one. The challenge is: you guys have to try to beat my score.

Are you up for the challenge? And I will continue to make more challenging and fun lvls for you guys to solve. And my birthday will be in 19 days. I'll turn 26 years old.

My goal for 2018 is to complete all officials, and have 8000 levels solved. Do you guys think I can do it?

I made a lvl called, "Giving up for now" b/c i'm taking a break from solving the hard lvls. I'm going to improve on lvls I've already solved.
oldmanrob 27 days ago
  @mcl my point of view changed in the moment i was able to solve all "easy" levels. :D :D :D
magnacumlaud 28 days ago
  No! It's frustrating for beginners to have this Yggdrasill4 levels in category easy!

@ OMR: don't understand your point of view? First you agree with me then you wrote it yourself in easy pack and now u will keep it as it is???
oldmanrob 28 days ago
  Most of the old hard and medium levels are easy. Many easy levels are kids. Some of the kids level are easy. Plenty of medium levels are either hard or easy. We can object almost every level category. So let's keep things how they are.
magnacumlaud 28 days ago
  Admins it is your job cause Yggdrasill4 seems to be unable to "solve": Gliese Star has nothing to do in easy category same with Antispiral Synch, Tension Frame, Mini Cascade, Fidget, Zephon, Aberrated Plant and Prototypical so please change. Maybe compare them with Slide Blockage it is in easy too.
greyanna 1 month ago
  @ ainee: you are great level designer! BRAVO !!!
Treazer 1 month ago
  That's a great achievement! I'm having a hard time solving the BB officials. In fact, it's the only game with CBCL where I haven't completed every official level, but in CBCL there's only 2 left, in BB 124 levels.^^

Good luck for the remaining levels!
chris3000 1 month ago
  Less than 2000 to solve. I'm on my way guys, so watch out. My skills are going up. I've even solved some from murat the past couple days. But I wish I could solve the rest of the officials, that's going to be a challenge but i'll eventually get it.

So, wish me luck, i'm going through the medium and hard tunnel now. I don't have many easy levels left to solve.
chris3000 1 month ago
  Well, I'm getting stronger at this game, I have 2,007 levels left to solve. I still can't beat the remaining officials.
Yggdrasill4 2 months ago
  No need to apologize, just really glad to contribute to one of my favorite puzzle games every once in a while, really appreciate your input. I will probably be gone again because will be busy with many other things but that's life :)
magnacumlaud 2 months ago
  Sorry Yggdrasill4 your levels are great: make a lot of fun and are really challenging!!! Thank you for that! I was only a bit upset cause you rate them all as easy, they definitely not and this make them even more fascinating.
oldmanrob 2 months ago
  well ygg, i think that if a level has lot of connected blocks and it requires lot of planning and lot of moves (more than 25) it is "medium". imo when in doubt it's always better to give a higher rate.
Yggdrasill4 2 months ago
  I honestly don't know how to rate my own levels, I can't tell if it is medium or easy for you guys lol. I cant design levels like camodragoon but I am glad they do get accepted.
SimonM 2 months ago
  I agree with the difficulty on some levels, but I guess it's not bragging, just being smarter than me. :)
oldmanrob 2 months ago
  i fully agree with magnancumlaud. ygg's levels shuld be at least medium.

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