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PuzzleFan 4 days ago
  So, how has everyone been doing lately. October is coming soon. I'm thinking about making some Halloween styled levels here in a couple weeks.
chris3000 12 days ago
  I remember one of Suhangha's best series here back in 2019. The Lightly Prairie series. It consists of farm/prairie levels with superb design. Most of them are kids and easy levels, they are fun for everyone in all ages, and good for an optimization challenge. I have cracked some good highscores there if anyone wants a challenge!

I am making so many levels here now that I will most likely surpass CD's flood/wave of levels that were created here.
suhangha 14 days ago
  @chris Please take a look at what I sent to Discord. Try to my new pack
nelson90 19 days ago
  Hi Chris, I think this kind of competition exists since the creation of BL site (and for me since I joined in 2008). A lot of players have always had in mind to reach the best score, and that lead to fantastic battles in the past. Unfortunately, there are now not many challengers left. However, I agree to start having a competition with you.

Btw, it's an excellent idea to stop focusing on solving every level. Personally, I still have about 1300 unresolved levels and that does not make me unhappy, on the contrary.
suhangha 20 days ago
  dozen to the power of quadruple number of exp, my massive achievement!
chris3000 20 days ago
  Hey, would anyone like to start having a competition with me, instead of focusing on solving every level, maybe I can post on the level that I get a really good score on and see if you guys can beat it. If I have time in the future, I may make a few packs for it. But, we'll see.

So, what do you say? There are over 10,000 levels. I'm sure there is somewhere where we can improve our score. Optimization is one of the keys of Blockoban.
PuzzleFan 1 month ago
  I wonder when Syco is coming back. I played some of his levels today. I like his Vector series, it has a series of unique tasks/challenges that gives the pros an even more challenge of optimization.
chris3000 1 month ago
  Well, all my levels are not boring. Well I don't care what anyone thinks about them, I'm always gonna create levels here for a long time.
magnacumlaud 1 month ago
  nobody wants 2 play floods of boring levels

CD's are: every single high quality you'll never reach!
chris3000 1 month ago
  So Blockoban community, how have I been doing with my levels the past 6-7 years, I'm headed towards 1200 total, almost half of CD. The way I'm going I'll probably pass his milestone record in 2-3 years maybe. So by 2026-2027 this may happen.
suhangha 1 month ago
suhangha-2 1 month ago
  @magic7: I self-reviewed inspiration levels I spied, my levels are more challenging than previous designers, else contains ridiculously not challenging
chris3000 1 month ago
  What list? You mean for this game. Where did you see it?
magic7 1 month ago
  What is this list where I see my name spied upon twice ?
chris3000 1 month ago
  Has JP addressed this problem? Maybe there's something wrong with the database. You can only comment on the older levels dating back from 2007-2018.
nelson90 1 month ago
  Unfortunately, for about one year it is no longer possible to post comments on new levels. If you post a comment, it won't be registered. This bug is really annoying, because comments related to a level will be spread in the BB forum and it will be impossible to find then after a while.
The same problem affects the inbox of new members (like john96 and PuzzleFan), PMs are not accepted and the inbox shows the same error message "Unknown subject ()!".
magic7 1 month ago
  Hey hey hey, nostalgia hit hard ! Are the level comments out of service ?
nelson90 1 month ago
  Welcome back magic7! Thanks for submitting level Bouncing Tango, it's a nice level without any dummy block and fun to play. Indeed a great 5/5!
magic7 1 month ago
  Message removed...
suhangha-2 1 month ago
  Glad that I finished making those levels I spied Coolguy52 & SimonM, But the last level of designer union was most shamefully designed, still kepe gonna from 197: extra modern
Newly Updated
chris3000 2 months ago
  Dcoco is back, I helped him find the link to Pale Moon and he downloaded it, check his logs. Maybe the rest of the gang will return soon too, Blockoban has been missing a huge portion of it's community for several years.
suhangha-2 2 months ago
  @Nelson: Yes, both are far from boring position, It's also interesting for us to see who it will be. If dcoco gets a flash, there's hope

note: level 194 has been edited, now 28, score must be reset, sorry

Still not titled for 193 to 196 (Modern Day)
nelson90 2 months ago
  @suhangha: your levels 191 and 192 seem extremely hard. Indeed, they require more than 100 moves, but I don't think they are boring. I have accepted them since you have proven that they are possible. Let's see what the other players will think of them.
suhangha-2 2 months ago
four levels of "Heian Age" are in the process of being titled,
two levels (both levels I spied from wouter) of "Fairytale Forest" reached over than 144 moves so far.
I scored 200 moves for level 192 but pretty great solution
as i said, "145 to up" is too boring to accept, however, level 192 solution contains linked block swap technic and linked block Intercept technic

@nelson: Could you judge it?

The following of "Fairytale Forest" is "Modern Day"
chris3000 2 months ago
  Nice to see some new BB levels from you, I will try to make time this week to check them out. If not, definitely the next week near August 1st.
suhangha-2 2 months ago
  Hey all, I gave up because there seemed to be no chinese designers, but since I found one of great japanese designer, I think it will be fine. Created KFW and SC 8 levels ASAP and I will do asap in the future too. btw, it looks like the new MD levels will come earlier than MD24 edits.
suhangha-2 2 months ago
  Before getting the flash, I'm going to specify the block color pattern for Chinese 6 worlds so will work new paradox with 18 worlds:

[Basic blocks]/[Depending stages whether block exists]

Kung Fu World
Sky City

Steam Age

Renaissance Age
Heian Age

Fairytale Forest
/(May contain Modern Day)

Sorry but I can't turn flash now
chris3000 2 months ago
  Well, that's bad. I wish you the best of luck with your career whatever you choose to do with your life. I think you're so smart you'll be able to run your own business.
suhangha-2 2 months ago
  @chris and all: this browser is MOD APK but still puffin app stopped working - update: server force redirect to subscription page

so I can't play flash for forward days to when get this

as I said never usable any computer, only uses android is so
(this means when flash lived, from 2014 winter to continues)

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