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gameinsky 2 days ago
  I think he's asking a specific Yggdrasill4 level to be made official at position 96.
I'd be fine giving Blockoban its 250th official, but it would need to be a level the community agrees with.
greyanna 4 days ago
  Sometimes i really can't realize what you are talking about. May you explain it?
suhangha 4 days ago
  To be new official at level 96. with ultimate level.

Game in sky, do you agree?
suhangha 19 days ago
  Yggdrasill4's level?
greyanna 19 days ago
  My opinion:

we should tribute Oldmtnguy with the 250 official. Maybe Simon or lmr could design it cause Simon's are the favorite type of OMG and i guess lmr stays closed to him.
chris3000 19 days ago
  So, what should be our 250th official?

I cannot believe I'm still have the same 20 official levels left to finish. I really need some help/hints. Quad Transfer and Archery are the toughest to me, and Gary's Cross Spiral.

Any advice would be helpful.
pig 21 days ago
  I am not a native speaker, but I assume that both the first and a last one are correct. But if they are not correct, we can still understand what are you trying to say. I hope I helped.
greyanna 24 days ago
  Hey native speakers, what is correct:
have a look at my score on level...
have a look on my score at level...
have a look on my score on level...
adamschule85 1 month ago
  Message removed...
suhangha 2 months ago
  Message removed...
chris3000 2 months ago
  Thank you guys, I wonder what happened to oldmtnguy?

He hasn't been on in about a year.
LadersHD 2 months ago
  Do you remember what happened 1 year ago?
suhangha 2 months ago
  Our world that supports Egypt, Lawnhome has uploaded 8 levels!
I hope can solve Levels for chris3000's return, Congratulation Fighting!
kalina200 2 months ago
  Glad to hear you're back Chris!
LadersHD 2 months ago
  Nice to see what happened to you. I mean it's good that you came back.
chris3000 2 months ago
  Hey guys, I'm back. My last visit was December 5th, 2019. I have been really sick the past 5 months. My energy levels were very low, my legs were swollen b/c I have food intolerances. I ate a bunch of foods behind my mom's back, and they made my energy levels go down and I haven't really felt like getting on the laptop. We have a nice couch and my mom has had to bring me food/water to me, I've been on bedrest the past 6 months. However, we ate a kamut pasta a month ago with some green beans and my energy's been up the past week. So I've been recovering, so I'm back.

So when are we going to get a new admin for this game?
LadersHD 3 months ago
  As you can see on his profile page, he was last online 9 months ago

@greyanna: 'I say sorry too: to all members who have posted!'
greyanna 4 months ago
  Thank you! Please send OMG my best thoughts to him if you have this chance. It is such a waste here without him!

as you can see: i didn't speak to you though!!!
lmr 4 months ago
  Happy Easter! everyone
suhangha 5 months ago
  Chris stopped the Red series at "N". I want to see his replay.
I sympathize with the poor.
greyanna 5 months ago
  Oh, thanks god (although i don't believe in him!)!

I am sooo sorry oldmtnguy!

As i wrote: i guess it cause his e-mail-address was rejected!

Please tell him my best wishes + regards from me!

(edit: I say sorry too: to all members who have posted!
If somebody would have known this earlier and / or too and said for this reason nothing = definitely worst possible character!!!)
lmr 5 months ago
  Omg can no longer use a computer. He has not passed away.
greyanna 5 months ago
  Hi you all
i want to please s.o. to contact Chris. I saw his last login is 3 months ago and i would guess: the reason is maybe OMG's passing? He had contact too to him cause he knows about the house building project, his level: OMG's House shows it. I wrote him an e-mail but he doesn't answer! Maybe here is s.o. who stands more closed to him and could help him a bit with words in this situation! I thought it because he mentioned more often his difficult life situation.
Treazer 5 months ago
  That's unfortunate to hear. He certainly was an enrichment to the BonusLevel and specifically the BLockoban community. Thanks for your time on this site. Rest in peace.
LadersHD 5 months ago
  Rest In Peace.
suhangha 5 months ago
  Anyway, R.I.P for Old admin
manufan 5 months ago
  Hi everyone.

My brother (Coolguy52) told me the sad news when it emerged. I've been inactive on this site for a few years now, and I don't anticipate a full comeback, but I'd just like to express my sadness and pay tribute to oldmtnguy.

OMG was one of the best and fairest administrators this website has had. He was very good to me in explaining why my levels weren't up to par on the odd occasion that they weren't my best, and/or detailing improvements which could be made. This was done both through level comments and private messages. He didn't have to do this, he could've just evaluated levels and been reactive to any comments put forward. He was a proactive administrator, and back when I was 10 (some time ago), there weren't as many admins like that, from my previous level submission experience.

He was part of a very close-knit community, a community within the general community of BL. He was fantastic in his role. OMG, I cannot thank you enough for helping to contribute to such a wonderful community, and helping to make my time here the best it could've been. Rest in peace.

- Manufan
kalina200 5 months ago
  Such an unfortunate loss.
Rest in piece, Jim. You will be remembered.
greyanna 5 months ago
  Yes guys, thank you for remembering him!
It is more than sad!

last words to me:
...My health is still as good as can be expected but I started a new project. Who could have thought I would start building a house at age 67. Anyway it's going well and we should be able to move in about 30 days. The new house will give me better computer access and handicap accessibility so it should make things a lot easier...
It seems he moved and then life ended, so bitter!
Yggdrasill4 5 months ago
  Wait... This is devastating
I am very sad for his passing
Although I never met him, I always appreciated his input
Rest in peace Jim

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