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suhangha 15 hours ago
  chris,, I replied so, carry out everything; I'll eval ancient keeps grey, pirate to blue
chris3000 17 hours ago
  So, in other words, there may not be anymore officials here. I assume that would be the case unless some miracle happens and some old members decide to come back and are able to use Pale Moon. I'm sure half the members don't have it yet.
pig 6 days ago
  The problem with new officials is that most of the playerbase is inactive and will never come back to the site, so for those of who are still playing would have an unfair advantage basically being able to complete a new official that others can’t, this would already place people higher on the leaderboards.
Thank you guys for positive feedback though!
suhangha 6 days ago
  It looks quite shameful in comparison:
Some new levels by Pig (I favorite too)
Early official levels of levels with big-moves
however, I don't think gis will take action/alternate on this. and wonder how jpsarda will do
btw, I hate levels (some of worst levels as bad as not enough giving only 1/5): Deja Vu? / grooves / octopus / Hourglass...
and In-Puzzle of a few official levels has errors (some missing links): merry Christmas!, shooting star
PuzzleFan 10 days ago
  Excellent job on the levels pig, I did a few and I think some of them could be official potential. They have unique challenges and the titles best represents the level and the thumbnails are really good. Pearl Escape is one and Starmaze is another good hard puzzle. In which I have not solved yet.
john96 17 days ago
  Ok, I already knew you had to reset the scores there. But thank you for accepting my levels, :)
nelson90 18 days ago
  Hi John, thanks for fixing your old levels, they are accepted now.

Note: I have been obliged to reset the scores for "Red Saucer" because my old score wasn't possible any more.
john96 18 days ago
  Hi Nelson, I corrected my two old levels, Red Saucer and I changed the title of my other level, Corn to "Eight Yellow". I hope these changes are sufficient enough to be accepted. Can you take a look at them today? Thank you.

chris3000 18 days ago
  You're welcome, I'll pay better attention and make sure to test it many times before uploading my levels. And make sure they are not trivial and too easy.
nelson90 19 days ago
  Good work Chris, thanks for taking into account all my remarks. The three levels are now accepted.
chris3000 19 days ago
  Hey @Nelson: I fixed the three levels you told me to edit. Take a look at them, I think you'll like the improvements and corrections. I changed the category to hard in my "Pink Laser 4" level. I got inspired by some of pig's levels to try to be creative on what challenges I provide in each level.

You will have to reset the score for my "Yellow-Pink II" level because I made specific changes to it after we both scored on the old level. But it is possible now.
pig 1 month ago
  Usually when I create a blockoban level, I tend to first just place down blocks (mostly symetrically) that form some kind of beauty if you get what I mean. Only then I start worrying about how to make the level actually possible, and place walls/other blocks accordingly and form an idea in my head for the solution (which often tends to be not the most optimal one haha)
chris3000 1 month ago
  Wow pig, I've seen 15 of your new levels and I think they have unique and excellent design, these below are my personal favorites. So, where did you come up with the idea for some of these, just curious.

Garden Map
Berry Cut
Colorless Palette
Split Dye
Twist 'Em
Tight Passage
Coolguy52 1 month ago
  OK - I have looked into his most recent levels and I agree with you. Apologies about the hasty assessment, either Chris has improved a lot since the last time I played on this game (which I'll admit was a while ago, at least properly) or I was confusing him with someone else. I also think that I may have misunderstood the original post, thinking that Chris was getting lower ratings than normal, as opposed to fewer ratings. The only answer I can offer in that case is that it's just not that common for people to rate a level any more. There's not much incentive to do so and so people just forget about it.
nelson90 1 month ago
  Sorry CG, but I cannot let you say that Chris's levels are trivial. Since I became an admin, I never accepted this kind of level. Sometimes, I asked Chris to review a level because it wasn't acceptable as is, each time he made the necessary adjustments. I encourage you to try to solve some levels recently submitted by Chris (for example Pink Bricks ) and you will see that they are not so obvious (especially if you want to get the best score).
Coolguy52 1 month ago
  Out of all the even semi active members of this site left I’m in the worst position to give creating advice for this game. My levels here are usually fairly elementary - which is fine I think. There’s a big difference between an elementary level and a trivial level. Trivial levels are bad because there’s nothing to solve, just a sequence of immediately obvious moves to make. From my experiences with your levels, some can be quite trivial - where each block is 1 or 2 moves from the target and sometimes even the order doesn’t matter. Avoiding that might help increase your ratings!
chris3000 1 month ago
  You know I've been keeping track of the rating system for my levels the past 2 years and I really haven't seen that many 4/5 and 5/5 ratings. Are they not good or popular? I took a lot of time making those levels for you all, I thought I'd get more good ratings. See I'm not as skilled and creative as many of you here are. I really hate my autism/disability. I was diagnosed at age 3. I'm feeling down about it, I was thinking about it the other night.

If it wasn't for me, Suhangha, pig, john96, Puzzlefan and CG/Simon idk where Blockoban would be right now. Oh and YGG4.
chris3000 1 month ago
  Yeah I'm going to make several more levels tomorrow, and hopefully they will be ready for evaluation. The only thing I lack in skill is the proper thumbnails.
pig 1 month ago
  Thank you for the nice words everyone! I will be putting out more levels soon.
john96 1 month ago
  Awesome designs and levels pig, I hope you continue this for as long as you can. Thanks for the contribution, :)
chris3000 1 month ago
  Nice list of levels pig, I'm gonna get back to work making some more puzzles this weekend. Keep up the fantastic work. Yes, we all have to work together to keep Blockoban and this awesome site alive!
suhangha 1 month ago
  Level Pearl Escape IS wonderful bwb/jm level! 5+/5
nelson90 1 month ago
  Thanks Pig. Just a remark regarding the thumbnail: it should represent the level and allow to have a preview of the level without having to open it (especially useful when the level is part of a pack). In the future, don't hesitate to take a large part of the level board, or even the whole level if it is not too big. If you want, you have the opportunity to take a better thumbnail for the 4 remaining levels to accept.
pig 1 month ago
  I have added categories/solved every unevaulated level of mine. Although I'm not the greatest solver, and my solutions are mostly trial and error, I always make sure in the editor that my levels are possible before publishing them. I understand that to prove this to everyone else I have to solve them once they're uploaded as well, so I will continue to do this in the future. Thanks for the kind words!
nelson90 1 month ago
  @Pig: many thanks for contributing to maintain this game alive! I began to evaluate and accept your levels. You are a very good designer, and your levels are very nice and fun to play. May I ask you two things?
- don't forget to specify the category: Candy Galaxy and Gate Crossing have none, please update.
- a level must obviously be possible, and I have to make sure of that before accepting it. Although I have the ability to solve most levels, there are still some for which I have not yet found the solution, especially some very hard suhangha's level. Therefore, I would be happy if you could score on your hard levels. In that case I will accept them immediately, otherwise I will need some time.
chris3000 1 month ago
  Yes, there is an issue now, Idk what it is. It may be a database error. I guess if we have any questions about certain new recent levels we will have to post and communicate here. Welcome back with the levels. I truly miss oldmtnguy.
pig 1 month ago
  Hello! I made a few new levels. A question: Are you unable to comment on newly released levels? There seems to be an unusual message under the comment section.
chris3000 2 months ago
  It's great to see you back SM, and awesome job on the Archery award!
Coolguy52 2 months ago
  Congrats on the award, SuperMario!
suhangha-2 2 months ago
  Congratulations SM!

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