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pig 1 day ago
  Almost 1M plays!
oldmanrob 2 days ago
  My notes for the "copycat" series are lost. I will give the credits as soon I can find out where the ispiration was came from. Sorry.
pig 3 days ago
  Message removed...
chris3000 3 days ago
  Greyanna: sorry I didn't know you weren't a guy. But anyways what you and OMR were right. If all the levels were easy then I would be bored and lose interest in this game, b/c then I would have no more lvls in my unplayed tab. I still have 22 officials left, but that's okay b/c I'm going to keep trying everyday and have a positive attitude.

That's why when I create/mak my levels I try to do 50% kids/easy for young players/beginners, and the other half medium/hard for more experienced players. That's why I love this game and the other puzzle games b/c it offers a variety of mixed difficulty. And I get to improve and keep track of my global score for each category of lvls. OMR did an excellent job orgaininzng all the packs and categories. They are fun and addicting. I will never leave this game and site.

So that's all try to get along and work together to make this a better site!
gameinsky 3 days ago
  People, please calm down.
oldmanrob 4 days ago
  @greyanna guys has also the meening of "Leute".
pig 4 days ago
  Really? His grandparents are in hospital and the only thing u can say is that ur not a guy?
@chris3000 hope they get better soon and I wish u good luck for the 8000 levels I'm sure u can do it.
edit: @greyanna then why did u answer huh?
greyanna 6 days ago
  There should be a fifth category like Extreme for players who prefer to solve challenging levels than only block pushing. It is the same with Sudokus: solve one or just writing numbers!
chris3000 7 days ago
  Hey guys read the message in my pack. I'm really struggling now. I've solved 7580 levels so far, I hope I can make it to 8000 at least, then i'll have 1067 levels remaining. I'll do my best, and I'll keep making tons of challenges and great designs for you guys to play. So have fun. But my time is much limited now as my grandparents are in the hospital. I've been extremely busy the past week. My mom and dad have been driving to the hospital to see them 2-3 times a week so I've been more occupied with my life/friends/and family. From here on out, I'm focusing a lot more on me and my life and family so I'm not going to be posting like I used to and my time is going to have to be limited here.
greyanna 10 days ago
  But we have still the @dminProfOmg.
pig 10 days ago
  I understand that, I'm just sad about that only few admins are active most of them left this site.
oldmanrob 10 days ago
  @pig You're not the only with unevaluated levels. The administrator has a real life he has to live. So just be patient and he will look at our levels when he have the time.
pig 11 days ago
  Huh? I have 23 levels unevaulated.
oldmanrob 11 days ago
  @greyanna it does. but not immediately. it's a little bit confusing if you don't know.
greyanna 14 days ago
  Sometimes this strange Plugin doesn't work fine. Now, it does not safe new Thumbnail on database?

@Omr yes, really it was! Thanks a lot!
pig 14 days ago
  I have 69 I will do another 1% :)
greyanna 14 days ago
  I will do 1%. Now i have 66.
oldmanrob 17 days ago
  Time to start the count-down. We can make it by December 31, 2018.
SimonM 17 days ago
  The level count is over nine thousand!! Awesome job to all the designers!!
chris3000 18 days ago
  Wow, congratz on 9000 levels of Blockoban. That is a huge achievement. This game is so addicting plus PI and Jellify.
Coolguy52 18 days ago
  Nice work to all the designers for that achievement. Wonder when 10k will be broken?
sycoraximperator 18 days ago
  9002 levels jippi!!
CamoDragoon 22 days ago
  You mean in terms of grammar? "Too many" would mean "an excess" which is probably what you mean. "To many" would be used in something such as "he gave food to many people."
greyanna 23 days ago
  Is it:: to many or too many?

@Camo yeah grammar, thanks a lot Dragoon.
SimonM 29 days ago
  @greyanna Thanks for the confidence, but I'm not to decide on this matter. Also, like gameinsky said, levels still get evaluated regularly.
gameinsky 29 days ago
  I'm not sure why SimonM needs to become admin? Levels still get evaluated are regular intervals. If oldmtnguy thinks we need a new admin I wouldn't be against it though.
greyanna 30 days ago
  @ SimonM please become Admin to evaluate levels.

edit: @gameinsky see your post 1 month ago nope

@ Chris man u solved such mass of levels i didn' t even try! Do you really think it's not getting harder for me or other ones too? I am sure you will solve lots more if you believe in yourself although u will stuck sometimes only for a moment! On harder levels i just start with trial and error then you get a feeling for the difficulties and problems. You see which step depends on another which have i do first before the other one works. So i find (sometimes really slowly) the sequential arrangement.If there is no such progress and it's starts to nerves me i leave it and go back sometimes after a year. You are a great level designer e.g. Linking Colors - i love it - people with such creative potential capacity and ability to think ahead too are in every case able to solve hard levels. Maybe not each of them but who cares! Not even our GrandMasters have solved each level! So: believe in your qualities and enjoy the game without bringing yourself into pressure and stress and above all without any reason!!!
Btw: Did you have a look to your Pack-Ranks?

edit: you are in three of them under the top eight!
lmr 30 days ago
  I just keep trying. Trying different starting moves, next moves, etc. Then I will leave and go to a different level if I am not getting it. Often when I return it falls into place. That's when I think, duh, how couldn't I get that. Though there are many levels I still can't solve. That is one of the joys of this game, you do not have to remain stuck and can go to other levels and back!
chris3000 1 month ago
  Hey guys, look I wanted to tell the truth about something. I feel hesitant to ask for help when I need it b/c I don't to bug anyone. But it's getting harder for me to solve levels now. I've solved like 50 within the past month and I usually am more better and structured at this game. What strategies do you guys use to solve medium and hard levels?

@Oldmtnguy: I sent you a PM 2 weeks ago, I guess you're busy with your new house and moving. Whenever you get a chance can you please check it. And I hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far. I hope we can get to 9,000 levels soon.
suhangha 1 month ago
  Message removed...

BLockoban developed by jp

A puzzle game inspired by Sokoban and Cubeoban.
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