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SuperMario 11 years ago
  So admins can't reset the pack scores?


*Cancels the call for an admin on a push pack*
Jos 11 years ago
  Ok. Call cancelled then.
gameinsky 11 years ago
  I can't reset pack scores sadly.
Jos 11 years ago
  I think his score indeed should be reseted.
SuperDog 12 years ago
  wtf joe?????????
MatthijsM 14 years ago
  lol if that's right than are you a very good player
joe45 14 years ago
  I don't know... it looks about right. ;D
MatthijsM 14 years ago
  I think that Yoe45 his score wrong is
minimariner 14 years ago
  These packs is like an official game but we can choose the levels.
minimariner 14 years ago
  Out of Control is quite hard :/

Lol it's probably easy but it's hard for me. Darn it only the yellow ball left and i would of won :(
jp 14 years ago
  Yes thats because taht would be too much computation to compute the scores of all members, you can see a post on this topic explaining it :
demonicyoshi 14 years ago
  Theres a glich, if you already beat some of the levels in the pack, your score dosnt apear on the highscores until you re-beat a level.
SuperMario 14 years ago
  Nice pack Jp! :D

I'm stucked in: Out of Control
Im 14 years ago
  Very nice. I like the first level of this pack. :)
minimariner 14 years ago
  OMG it's soo cool
Treazer 14 years ago
  Cool its so nice!!
geckojsc 14 years ago
  That is really nice! I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.
jp 14 years ago
  First level pack of the (BL) world!

CoBaCoLi developed by tonypa

Clear levels by knocking each colored circle into a wall of its own color.

Move mouse, click to shoot.

Pack 9 great levels created by jp

This is the first level pack created on BL!

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