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gameinsky 9 years ago
  I am not accepting packs like this because they get constantly updated, it would just serve to make the whole pack editing harder.
oldmanrob 9 years ago
  is something wrong with the pack? please inform me if you can't accept it.
oldmanrob 10 years ago
  The name of the pack is an homage to the wonderful Robert Rossen movie from 1961 with Robert Redford as Fast Eddie Felson the young contender and Jackie Gleason as Minnesota Fats the old champ. Oh, and well the movie is about pool billiard of course.
oldmanrob 10 years ago
  To the admins. This pack isn't yet finished as you can see. Please wait with accepting. I will tell you when im finished. Should be by tomorrow night.

Edit: Done! It was quicker than I thought.

CoBaCoLi developed by tonypa

Clear levels by knocking each colored circle into a wall of its own color.

Move mouse, click to shoot.

Pack Who's The Hustler? created by oldmanrob

All CoBaCoLi games in one pack

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