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Game in test phase

Sorry, this game is in test phase and it is not yet public. Try again in a few days or weeks.

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Mmmmmm 3 years ago
Magic_X 12 years ago
  Oh, I see now...
MARC2009 12 years ago
  see P4M...
Magic_X 12 years ago
  Same here :P

[edit] Why is Hexicube deactivated?
Ferrari12 12 years ago
  ... Well, I wouldn't mind testing, but yeah, I'm only asking, not trying to be annoying :)
MARC2009 12 years ago
  should really be a sub-owner option in the admin list :P
Dynamo 12 years ago
  I just remembered, Hexi is deactivated, no-one can make us Tester. :/

Although when you do get back.. Can I be Tester as well pl0x?
Daft_Punk 12 years ago
  Can I test please?
jasperpostema 12 years ago
  Don't ask, I mean, can I be tester too :P
Hexicube 12 years ago
  done, now get confused by the editor XP
azz 12 years ago
  Can i be tester Pl0x?
jasperpostema 12 years ago
  @ Ahroo, just call it newbies, not noobs.
@ Hexicube, this game will never come out on BL, I suppose
Hexicube 12 years ago
  everyone who is tester here is tester on the code parser ;)
didnt wanna destroy this :P
Hexicube 12 years ago
  yes I do ahroo lol...

[edit] another example:
Ahroo 12 years ago
  @hexi You seriously expect noobs to be able to write that all? xP

@Jasper it gets old after a while... and the editor takes a bit to get used to.
jasperpostema 12 years ago
  I want to test this, this sounds fun!
Hexicube 12 years ago making this awesome isnt that enough? XP
btw, will have to ditch old levels, and also the NEW editor is a plain text editor lmao XP
basically, go analyze your levels, before this epicness owns it XP

[edit] an example, this:
makes this:

[re-edit] what it parses so far:
<varname> = <varname> {+|-|*|/|^|r(root)} <varname> - does math
score <value>, score get <varname> - saves score
say <text>, say [newline], say get <varname> - says stuff in text box
set <varname> <value>, set <varname> <random> <min> <max> - sets a value
next up: if statements :3
Ahroo 12 years ago
  lol... can you at least resolve the editor issues in Neon Defence/BLaster Towers? xP
Hexicube 12 years ago
  heh guess what, I no longer have the fla files for this XP
I may or may not fix this up, and maybe add stuff, but probably not...might change this to a simple script engine ;)
[edit] maybe even scoring ;)
Ahroo 12 years ago
  Hexi, you should remake this editor so people can actually USE it... xP

Hexicube 13 years ago
  dammit was about to remove it XD
Zodiac 13 years ago
  Okay, I'm sorry.
gameinsky 13 years ago
  Zodiac, you aren't allowed to post a site on a game forum, do it in topics, and even, it's in German, most of us don't understand it.
Zodiac 13 years ago
  Gameinsky, make it through the game topic ;)
gameinsky 13 years ago
  I wish I could remove it, but I'm not an admin.
birjolaxew 13 years ago
  @Zodiac: Please remove that link. It is unrelated and should not be posted.
devil_piez 13 years ago
  what do i do in editor?
Ahroo 13 years ago

Forgot how, then... gotta check the editor and refresh my memory. :/
devil_piez 13 years ago
  i mean level designer
Ahroo 13 years ago
  Simple. You find a level, and play it. When you want a new outcome, press restart.

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