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popo2 2 hours ago
  Well done, I'm gonna just try going for 7.5M here, and that's it. I can still do better, but although, congratulations!
Coolguy52 4 hours ago
  WOOT! 8,000,000! Can't believe I'm actually saying this but I did it!
popo2 4 hours ago
  SO CLOSE TO 8M?!?!?!?!
Coolguy52 7 hours ago
  7,900,000! I'm also 12th now :D

EDIT: Yes popo, hoping to get there tonight.
Coolguy52 1 day ago
  Good luck!
popo2 2 days ago
  7.4M OMG!!!!!! I'm so hyped for 7.5M.
kirrock 2 days ago
  Holy.. o.o
Coolguy52 3 days ago
  @AK You're flying up the rankings! You could get to 8M before me!
popo2 3 days ago
  Hope I don't get stuffed with cottage cheese XD
AK 4 days ago
  Work hard, like me!

I Work Hard
Coolguy52 4 days ago
  You'll get there soon! Don't give up and you can catch us!
popo2 4 days ago
  WHAT?! OMG, those are huge scores...I'm still trying to beat the both of you!
Coolguy52 4 days ago
  Nice one popo! 7,800,000 now.

Congratz to AK on 7,500,000!
popo2 4 days ago
  7366663...4 6's in my score?! O_O
Coolguy52 5 days ago
  Currently #15 with just over 250k to go. Quite an improvement IMO.

EDIT: 7,750,000 - I'll leave it there for today.
Coolguy52 5 days ago
  Good luck with getting those few levels improved. I have many levels like that.
pig 5 days ago
  5.5M is a bit far but I still have few levels to make a big improvement on.
Coolguy52 5 days ago
  @pig Nice! 5.5M soon?

Thanks to both of you for wishing me luck. I'll try to get there!
pig 5 days ago
  5M !!!!!!!!
pig 5 days ago
  Yes, my score is 1 on that haha
Good Luck Coolguy!
Dynamo 5 days ago
  I’ve got faith in you Coolguy, dream big! Reach 8mil or die trying! I managed to improve my score on Wonders of JumpGear by like 70k, everyone has that one level that they need big improvement on!
Coolguy52 6 days ago
  7,666,111 is such a cool score!

EDIT: And I just ruined it :>

EDIT2: 7,700,000+!

I'm gonna say something that I never expected to say. I'm going for 8,000,000... I know it'll be near impossible and maybe a stupid aim - but maybe I'll hit it!
Coolguy52 6 days ago
  One thing I find interesting - OliAli would still have to improve his score on other levels to reach 8.5M if he came back and beat his remaining official - whereas Asteria wouldn't, yet Asteria is 4th and OliAli is 3rd. I know why that is (Asteria has beaten one less official than OliAli).
Coolguy52 7 days ago
  Good luck for 5M!
pig 7 days ago
  Yes trying to reach that !
popo2 7 days ago
  Nice, pig! Now try for 5M?

AK, I used to have a higher score than you, but not anymore. Geez.
pig 7 days ago
  All levels completed!!
Coolguy52 8 days ago
  Thanks Chris - and good luck with the 8M!

PineappleDude could get to 9M with a few more levels I think. It is too big of an ask for an individual to exceed the combined highscore of a 2000-strong list of players - many of those highscores having stood for almost a decade. It does depend though - as I have been surprised before.

IMO, 8.9M is still doable though - but a monumental task would lie ahead for him. Whether he would have time for the challenge, I don't know.
chris3000 8 days ago
  Wow, good luck with the competition, I wonder if Pineappledude can get 9M? It may be possible in the future.
Coolguy52 8 days ago
  I didn't notice AK slip into 20th - I'm starting to get worried about AK and popo2. Good luck to both of you on 7.5m!

Jump Gear 2 developed by jp

Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.

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