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Coolguy52 15 days ago
  Oh wow. Nice job! Looks like I might have to go there to defend my top spot already :O 8.89M on officials, very close to the insane 8.9M - but still so far away.
chris3000 15 days ago
  Wow, I just achieved 134M in my Global Tournament pack! How far will I go? 2020 and beyond will decide.

If anybody wants to join and play, look in the comments to find it. It's different from Shiro's pack b/c I added rejected levels to it so players could get extra fun/challenges. Let the competition begin!
Coolguy52 17 days ago
  If I remember correctly - we passed 9.1M in total highscores a few months ago. This alone says 9M is possible - but I don't think anybody is in touching distance yet - as Dynamo said below he doesn't feel he has the skill to get there yet (that was 4 months ago though, so who knows). I don't really think I have the skill or time to do it either - but we'll just have to wait and see. Of course, there is always the possibility of ground-breaking strategy changes like what happened with We Love Death, Static Skybase and Block World - which could put 9M well within the reach of the top 3! I hope I reach it someday, but I don't think that it will be soon.

I have been quite inactive in terms of making levels - I haven't made much of an effort. I might make a few more Mini Game levels or maybe some longer ones, but I do plan to make more levels definitely!
chris3000 18 days ago
  I wonder if it's possible to reach 9M. Dynamo only needs 80-90K to get it.

Are you guys making any new levels for Summer/Winter?
adamschule85 1 month ago
  Message removed...
chris3000 1 month ago
  Wow, almost 2 Million plays for this game. That's awesome!
Coolguy52 1 month ago
  We can't let the game's activity fizzle out just shy of such a milestone - one which no other is close to achieving! Of course - I would much rather the game was active for years and years after we hit 2 million!
suhangha 1 month ago
  3565 plays left
Too lot
Dynamo 2 months ago
  Wishing you a speedy recovery, and it's awesome to see you back again chris!
Coolguy52 2 months ago
  Welcome back Chris!
chris3000 2 months ago
  Congratz on 1st place DY, if you guys want to know why I've been gone, read the Blockoban forum. I'm back!
kalina200 5 months ago
  Only just realised Dynamo reached 8.9M.

This is a massive achievement! Congratulations!
PineappleDude 5 months ago
  Woah whaaaaaat noooooooooooooooooooo!!! :O My ruling has come to an end - but anyways congratz guys, never thought it would actually become a reality D:

And you should be very worried.. I have a couple levels where I am 15k behind :P hmm, maybe in a couple of months xP
minimariner 5 months ago
  Awesome job guys!
Coolguy52 5 months ago
  I completely agree. PD will be able to get much closer to 8.9M than I can currently - especially because he has one level to improve on greatly, where we cannot improve much. I’ll be honest, I didn’t entirely expect to be able to beat PD - and I don’t think I can improve that much more, I’d need more time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if PD regains 2nd at least (not sure how much you have left, Dynamo).
Dynamo 5 months ago
  CG I think we should be very worried for when PD makes his return.. :o
kalina200 5 months ago
  GG to both of you!
Coolguy52 5 months ago
  I imagined too hard xD
Dynamo 5 months ago
  Thanks guys, took a lot of dedication and commitment! It’s my third global 1st too! :DD And kalina, as much as I’d love to take up that challenge, I definitely do not have the skill required to highscore pretty much every single level for that milestone which I can only dream of achieving in my lifetime! 8.9mil will be my next aim, much more achievable for now... Imagine if PD got knocked down to third place in the space of 24 hours after nearly a decade at the top! xDD
kalina200 5 months ago
  Congrats Dynamo! I knew that eventually one of you two (you or CG) would get #1 in the near future, I just didn't expect it to come this quickly. 8 years of #1 to finally be beaten, now THAT is an achievement.

Coolguy52 5 months ago
  Awesome! Congratulations on #1, but I’m coming for you!
Maxamed 5 months ago
  Congrats man
Dynamo 5 months ago
  The student has become the master! PineappleDude's reign is finally over! :D
kalina200 5 months ago
  My computer is kind of completely broken, 2 hard drives corrupted since January, so I don't want to replace the hard drive just in case that isn't the issue, so it may be a while before I can progress. Luckily, I am able to play games like BLockoban and Jellify thanks to a program that supports flash. Popo already has a huge lead so it won't affect my chances of overtaking him.

Also GG to Coolguy for number 2, and good luck to Dynamo with improving his score!

Edit: Also good luck to CG keeping his position
Coolguy52 5 months ago
  Nice! I guess I should try to gain a large lead...
Dynamo 5 months ago
  Thanks Simon, problem solved! Used a program called AutoHotkey and turned the left Shift key into my spacebar! I'm coming for you now CG! >:D

Edit: This is very odd, it's gonna take some practise to get used to the new positioning! xD
SimonM 5 months ago
  Most keyboards are limited in the number of key presses, but keys like shift, ctrl and alt don't always fall under this restriction. So you could try some other key to act like the spacebar. There exist programs that do so.
Dynamo 5 months ago
  I've figured out the issue, for some very odd reason my laptop isn't recognising the spacebar when I hold down the up and left arrow keys together, or when I hold down the down and right arrow keys together... I've established that it's not lag, it just appeared that way at first because I didn't look into it much, it just simply isn't recognising the input from the spacebar in those combinations at all!
Coolguy52 5 months ago
  That sounds like input lag - unfortunately I don't know of any ways to reduce it. You could try playing with very few tabs open to see if that helps.

I was gaining quickly over the weekend - but I'm running out of easy improvements, I don't think I can improve 10k quickly - and even if I get ahead, you'll easily catch me again when this is sorted out!
Dynamo 5 months ago
  Sadly my new laptop doesn't let me play Jump Gear well as for some reason whenever I use the direction pad or the spacebar, or them both at the same time, it doesn't recognise the input straight away or even at all :( if there's anyone who can help me out here in trying to fix this, I would really appreciate it :D

And holy crap CG you are catching up fast now, I need to get this sorted soon otherwise you're gonna get ahead and I can't be having that ;D

Jump Gear 2 developed by jp

Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.

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