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Coolguy52 1 day ago
  True. 7.2 million now!
popo2 2 days ago
  2010: Look at the highest score anyone has ever got!
2018: I want to see the exact max scores for every level!
chris3000 3 days ago
  I would say 9.4-9.5 b/c Pineappledude is almost at 9M and he still has to improve on some levels. I don't know how much though.
Coolguy52 3 days ago
  Nice one! One place away from the Top 20 myself :P
popo2 3 days ago
  I'm thinking between 9M-9.2M. And, I just reached 7M! (Between 2M-2.2M away from maximum.)
Coolguy52 4 days ago
  I wonder what the maximum possible score on this game is currently, I'd guess around 9M or 9.5M
Coolguy52 4 days ago
  Nice! You aren't far from 8M!
gameinsky 4 days ago
  I went up two places again!
chris3000 5 days ago
  Hey, if anyone wants a challenge, play my pack. It's all the levels of this game. I worked hard making this pack b/c I thought more people would play it.

I challenge someone to beat my score! I like competition.
Coolguy52 5 days ago
  I don't exactly know which cliff/drop you mean, but I would be happy to give advice (if I can that is). Good luck on reaching 8M!
chris3000 5 days ago
  Can anyone give me a tip on Cliffrunner. The part that costs me a lot of time is the middle/end before the finish. When I get some extra time I'm going to work on getting 8M.

So, wish me luck!
LadersHD 6 days ago
  I've been finally understand. Thank you!
Coolguy52 6 days ago
Coolguy52 6 days ago
  Wonders of Jump Gear. I just checked and he does have that one left. (Its really not super difficult to get a good score on)
LadersHD 6 days ago
  What is the WoJG
Coolguy52 6 days ago
  Which officials do you have left. (If you have WoJG, then it should be easy to beat my score)

EDIT: Improved my total by about 75k, I'm getting further away :)
chris3000 7 days ago
  Congratz, I still haven't reached 8M yet, but I've been addicted to the block/puzzle games lately, so I don't play this much anymore, except when there's new official/accepted levels.

Plus, I've been turning my attention more to my life/family so I don't have much extra time to spare. I have too many responsibilities now.
popo2 7 days ago
  6 1/2 million...XD
CH52 I'm about to beat your total score >:D
LadersHD 8 days ago
  Message removed...
Coolguy52 10 days ago
  Almost 6M @popo2? I'm getting a little nervous :P
popo2 11 days ago
  You sure did!
gameinsky 12 days ago
  wait, I went up a place?
Coolguy52 12 days ago
  Thanks! Congrats on getting 5M and Congrats GIS on getting Top 10!

BTW @popo2, I'm a little scared that you'll overtake me - so I'll have to try a little more soon...
popo2 12 days ago
  Nice! I have just reached 5M! XD
Coolguy52 15 days ago
  Well done! I have now achieved 6.5M!
popo2 16 days ago
  Finally 4M!
Coolguy52 17 days ago
  Nice! If you keep increasing the score at the same rate, you will easily make the top 50!
popo2 18 days ago
  I just got the God Of Jump Gear Award!
kalina200 18 days ago
  Nice! @Coolguy52
Coolguy52 18 days ago
  6 million points after years of being stuck on 5 million! :D

Jump Gear 2 developed by jp

Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.

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