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chris3000 2 hours ago
  Congratulations. There would probably have to be a few more official levels in order for people to get over 9 million points.
Coolguy52 7 hours ago
  8.98M! I know that just seems like an arbitrary line in the sand - but this score is a very crazy score for me to achieve - because when I started this journey 2 years ago (just looking for 6M and some friendly competition with popo at the time), this is approximately the sum of all highscores from that time (I first calculated it to be 8,985,781 - but that included things like the static skybase cheat which saved 4k when supergeek had the highscore)! This truly sounds ridiculous to say - as I doubted that I would ever get past 6M at one point, but I got here somehow. This truly symbolises that I'm on the home stretch! Let's do this :D
chris3000 9 days ago
  Good luck to all of you. Where is the excel list where it shows you the top score on every single level plus it shows your score? I'll get back in the battle soon.
Coolguy52 9 days ago
  I don't know if I can make it. I'll feel like I can at 8.98 or maybe 8.99... good luck whatever you decide to do, I'm sure that we'll all make it there (and hopefully beyond!)
Dynamo 10 days ago
  You're literally 35k away from 9 million, this is actually ground breaking stuff I'm so excited, I might have to get back into this battle! :D
Coolguy52 13 days ago
  Even if you’ve lost a few of your highscores - you still have some strongholds left which I don’t think I’ll ever beat. I’ve been trying to get closer (could get a combined 4 or 5k without even getting the highscore). I think that they are some of the strongest highscores in this game!
Dynamo 14 days ago
  F to all my old highscores, I salute you. You held your ground for as long as you could, you were valiant in times of hardship, rest in peace. :')
chris3000 20 days ago
  Wow, this is an epic battle going way. Hopefully I can join in the near future. I'm ordering my laptop this week. Hopefully it will be here by Thursday or Friday.
PineappleDude 21 days ago
  I still have two levels where I am awfully far behind - Static Skybase and Block world. I think if I manage to get a good score on both I'll be close! :D
Coolguy52 21 days ago
  Well done PineappleDude! I would say that 25k is a healthy enough lead for now, but I think you have just gained that over less than a week. I think I might have to get back at it to keep my head above the water...
PineappleDude 21 days ago
  You called it :D
Dynamo 22 days ago
  My downfall to 3rd is deeply impending right now...
Coolguy52 27 days ago
  Thanks! I still can’t see a feasible path to 9M. I’m certainly not giving up now though! I hope to get the some day!

I also think that it’s not completely impossible that someone catches me. I think both you and PD could catch up to my score. I think you’d have to match or beat a lot of my newer highscores though.
Dynamo 28 days ago
  I can honestly say there's absolutely no catching you now CG, round of goddamn applause for the perseverance that went into this epic WIP highscore. 9 mil is so in your sights at this pace! :D
chris3000 2 months ago
  I saw the shortcut in World of Snakes, however it takes a lot of practice and skill to master. Anyways someone tried to hack my credit card. See, I went to MSN and accidentally clicked on an article that had a virus. I found a company called Technest Solutions.

They put a few programs on my laptop, but it turns out it was a scam, They put a virus and tried to hack my laptop, I shut it down. My mom and dad are going to Best Buy to get it fixed by the Geek Squad. We're also buying another laptop so we'll have 2. I for me and 1 for my parents. I'm excited, this will be my second laptop.
Maxamed 2 months ago
  Been trying to beat Cablesnake using the same technique and I keep getting hit by lethal at the end with a better score (stars). Don't know if anyone else gets a weird rush when they beat the ghostrider.
chris3000 2 months ago
  I never use the restart glitch because everytime I do, I have to refresh the page and start over.
Dynamo 2 months ago
  It's not even worth it in JG2, I certainly don't have the patience to endure an entire level under the influence of the restart glitch.
Coolguy52 2 months ago
  That record is so insane even with the restart glitch. I've never been able to master movement under the effects of that glitch, but I guess if you get very good at it - it can make some levels a lot easier to play.
PineappleDude 2 months ago
  I agree.. They're all insane. Btw, I am pretty sure that Thundersm's record is by using the restart glitch to slow down the game :p
Coolguy52 2 months ago
  In my opinion - the three highscores which are the best candidates for this are thundersm14 on Waterfall, you on Cablesnake and DragonPower on Microscopic Universe. Those three have all lasted ages and nobody has even come close to beating them at all...
Maxamed 2 months ago
  After reading that it makes me wonder if there is a high score that is not beatable through regular means anymore. Would be cool if someone made a list and maybe it could gain traction so people would attempt to.
chris3000 3 months ago
  Hey everyone, read my new topic. And it's been an interesting fun long journey with you guys. There really needs to be more specific rules in the chatroom. And how do I change my profile pic there?
Coolguy52 3 months ago
  I definitely knew he had a lot more than 30. He's the true #1 - and I really hope that I can hold him and Dynamo off for as long as possible. I haven't really tried to improve my score, I'm going for more insane highscores. This will definitely get interesting I'm sure :)

A general tip could be that you should practice power jumping if that's something you struggle with (I'm only saying this because you asked about the I dream of Clouds shortcut). A good level to master power jumps on is I Hate Clouds! (though a very hard challenge, it truly demonstrates how difficult they can be).
chris3000 3 months ago
  Hmmm, have I lost my skills some? Well, anyways I updated my avatar, how do you guys like it? And I didn't know PD had that many highscores, I thought he had like 25-30. Wow, he's skilled too, does he go to the chat too? Hopefully soon, my parents will buy me another laptop to where I can get on here more often.

However though, all I have left is my mom, grandparents and my aunt and uncle. Sadly my aunt is in hospice. Idk, how much longer she has to live. She 86 years old. Wish us all the best of luck. If anyone has any tips for me, I need them. Who is in the chat nowadays?
Coolguy52 4 months ago
  Whoa - I hold 6 of the high scores that you are furthest behind. Good luck with all of them - I think you can nail it! I will say that I’ll do my best to hold you off for as long as I can ;) Also thanks a lot for those statistics! I’m not surprised that you have the most highscores, seriously surprised that I’m joint second! Also interesting to see how we’ve gained nearly 150k over the last year as a whole. I think we should all pat ourselves on the back for all the ingenious strategies and insane runs that have brought 9M within reach!

Of course I’d love to be the first to bring it home, but I hope that all 3 of us can eventually crack the 9M mark! Good luck again, and thanks for this journey!
PineappleDude 4 months ago
  Heyoo guys. Just posting some cool statistics. I made a script that collects some different data from all Official levels :-)

According to my calculations, the sum of highscores on all levels is a whopping 9131729, showing that 9 million is very possible possible!

Furthermore, you guys may have the highest total score, but I still have the most highscores ;) This is the amount of highscores everyone has :) This is an indication that Dynamo and CoolGuy are more consistent in their runs, where as I tend to get scores more on the extremes.

{'PineappleDude': 42,
'Dynamo': 23,
'Coolguy52': 23,
'popo2': 10,
'OliAli': 6,
'SuperMario': 6,
'Asteria': 5,
'TheManOfChicken': 4,
'kiethy342': 4,
'thundersm14': 4,
'Pof': 2,
'AnMtZ': 2,
'supergeek': 2,
'davidandersson95': 2,
'kirrock': 1,
'DragonPower': 1,
'burfy': 1,
'Maxamed': 1,
'AK': 1,
'monkeyman': 1}

I wont be revealing you guys' quite yet. But here are the 12 levels where I'm furthest from the high score.. you guys are going down ;)

Level Amount_behind_high_score
Static Skybase 17444
Block World 15058
Air skating 13406
Christmas drive 11371
Wonders of JumpGear 9827
Heatcliffs 9556
Unholy Ruins 9538
Waterfall 7987
The great plains 7894
Floating Islands 6272
Disjunction Lab 6146
Cablesnake 6145
chris3000 4 months ago
  Wow, very impressive, it must have taken a lot of work to get that far. Whenever I get back on the laptop, i'll take a stab in improving my scores everywhere. My next goal is 140M. Sadly my time the next year will be alittle limited because my doctor wants me to take thyroid, calcium and potassium suppliments for life. So I have to cook, and eat 4 times a week, plus I take care of my mom and grandparents and myself doing chores 3 hours a day. Oh, and my aunt had a massive heart attack Saturday.
Coolguy52 4 months ago
  Finally - after nearly 2 years of improvement from 5.6M, I am now the #1 of Jump Gear 2! I would say I'll take a break from the officials, but if I want to have this remain here for at least 1 day - I'll have to keep playing! I never believed that this would ever happen, but I'm glad to join the very short list of people who've been champions in last few years!
Coolguy52 5 months ago
  I wouldn’t doubt yourself so much! I think with good practice - you might have a crack at much higher than 30th!

Jump Gear 2 developed by jp

Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.

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