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Coolguy52 12 hours ago
  I doubt I'll surpass you for a while - but most likely because you'll improve your score at a quicker rate than I do. I'll gladly accept the challenge though :D
Dynamo 12 hours ago
  Looks like I'm gonna have to improve on a few more levels to keep ahead of you CG, bring it on! ;)
Coolguy52 12 hours ago
  Now just impossible gear and you’ve got them all :D Good luck and Congratulations!
pig 13 hours ago
  Yeah got the award!!!
Coolguy52 1 day ago
  So close to 8.2M - and now I have to sleep xP

EDIT: Got it! 8,250,000 next!

EDIT2: OliAli was on 4 days ago?
Coolguy52 4 days ago
  This is weird - one day, I can improve by 20k but nothing at all the next...
LadersHD 5 days ago
  I have the 9499th comment xD

But this is the 9502th

Edit: CL4 lvlid: 38621
popo2 6 days ago
  @LadersHD Can't wait to play IV now and see V coming out! XD
@Coolguy52 Ooh, lucky! I of course just had the 9,501st comment though.
P.S. I even got 7.65M, managing to go up to 18th place!
Coolguy52 6 days ago
  Nice - can’t wait to see it!

EDIT:9500th comment
LadersHD 6 days ago
  Doone CL4!

BTW: Im working on CL5
Coolguy52 7 days ago
  Nice one - I'll go for that when I can :D
Dynamo 7 days ago
  Finally hit 8.2 million! :D
Coolguy52 7 days ago
  Got to 8.15M, looking at it - Dynamo isn't too far from 8.2M...
Coolguy52 8 days ago
  TBH I miss them too - it's a shame I wasn't very good in those days.
chris3000 8 days ago
  That's great, oh and if you guys see me post on a level, it's indicates that I'm stuck or I'm close to the highscore. I've gotten some pretty good scores lately, so I'm getting much stronger at this game. I do miss Pof, Asteria, Shiro, Oliali, DAnderson95, Hyro, SM, Keithy, Pineappledude, Frogman and some others. When they were here the competition and game was much more fun.
Coolguy52 10 days ago
  Just noticed Dynamo improved by another 18k lol xP
Coolguy52 14 days ago
  You’re in the 3 million club?

EDIT: You corrected your message.
kalina200 15 days ago
  Meanwhile im in the 3
mil club. I really need to improve xD

EDIT: Nvm on improving I just scored on something about 2x harder than AboveTheAchievable
popo2 15 days ago
  Now you're at 8.13M.
Coolguy52 16 days ago
  Now I am.

EDIT: 8.125M!
popo2 16 days ago
  Now I'm on the top of these leaderboards instead! XD
Coolguy52 16 days ago
  I noticed too :D Good luck with the 8M chris3000, and welcome back to petermunks! He's also top of the daily leaderboards.
chris3000 16 days ago
  Hey If you guys haven't noticed, a long time user is back, wb petermunks. I saw you got the award. Next month I'm hoping to start more improving on my official score and get 8M.
Coolguy52 18 days ago
  Less than 2000 levels left!

EDIT: Now 1500 levels done :D
Coolguy52 18 days ago
  Almost up to 40M on it - but unfortunately I won't be able to get to your level any time soon.
chris3000 18 days ago
  Well, I'm hoping other people will score on it like Keithy and SM. But if anybody wants to know what they're global score is, my pack is available. It's got some rejected levels in it too for the extra challenge.
Coolguy52 18 days ago
  Unfortunately not, but I can give it a go :D
chris3000 18 days ago
  I have almost 129M in the global pack, can anyone beat that?
Coolguy52 19 days ago
  Nice! You're becoming a really good player!
popo2 20 days ago
  Yay, 7.6M! I'm not even far from beating AK now. :D

Jump Gear 2 developed by jp

Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.

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