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Coolguy52 1 day ago
  Finally - after nearly 2 years of improvement from 5.6M, I am now the #1 of Jump Gear 2! I would say I'll take a break from the officials, but if I want to have this remain here for at least 1 day - I'll have to keep playing! I never believed that this would ever happen, but I'm glad to join the very short list of people who've been champions in last few years!
Coolguy52 11 days ago
  I wouldn’t doubt yourself so much! I think with good practice - you might have a crack at much higher than 30th!
pig 11 days ago
  I see what you guys mean, and I really much appreciate it. I think I couldn't get higher than number 30 without cheats, so I am fine with the 38th aswell.
Coolguy52 12 days ago
  It’s not only disrespecting the creator of the level and their efforts - it’s disrespecting the effort which goes into a high score. I have many highscores which I have optimised to a crazy amount - and to see them get steamrolled with a head jump - I can completely understand that it would drive somebody nuts. Thankfully - the vast majority of head jumps which could’ve executed, haven’t been. Most of the time a head jump is not even advantageous - in order to find them (please don’t try), you need to look at the whole picture to experiment if it is possible to get it fast enough to save any time at all. What annoys me most is that there is a high score of mine which I have sunk a lot of time to perfect which could be beaten fairly easily to a head jump. I hope nobody ever any that I’ve found, or any others.

I don’t really hate headjumping as a concept. Pushing a game to its limit can be very fun - but in practice, particularly on officials, I hope that the players who sank hours in to the highscores are considered, and people think twice about saving. I’ll admit that I haven’t exactly had a perfect record of this and have saved headjump runs - even very recently on accepted levels (even on 2 mini game levels :() I feel worst about ‘Welcome to Hell’. I saved by accident, not at all intending to beat the existing high score in this way.

I’ll attempt to do better about this in the future to hopefully take #1 without the headjump!
Dynamo 12 days ago
  Tbh pig, when CG and I were battling for highscores here, we basically agreed not to introduce newfound glitch strats because JG2 is a racing game; using glitches takes all the fun and competition out of the 'race', especially if the designer has put a lot of hard work into creating a challenge for the player. Like CG also said, there are plenty more feasible glitch highscores out there to gain, however out of respect, he chose not to save them. A lot of levels were actually cheatproofed, using CG's example of 'We Love Death', that official level actually used to have a HJ highscore right at the start; an admin was alerted, who removed the cheated highscores and then cheatproofed the level. Only a small fraction of levels are cheatable in the grand scheme of things, and even fewer players even have the skill to consistently HJ (assuming people aren't doing it by accident). You shouldn't let any of this put you off though, JG2 is a fantastic game and it exhibits some of the highest levels of technical creativity from players across the whole of BL! :D
pig 12 days ago
  I see what you mean, but people also shouldn't go for these shortcuts, but it doesn't matter anymore.
Coolguy52 12 days ago
  Unfortunately for creators and admins alike - it is very hard to completely fix shortcuts cheating and the like. The first time anyone will know of a way to cheat a level is when they get a run with that cheat. It is nearly impossible to catch everything in testing - because people will never do that one thing that makes a cheat work. Take for example We Love Death. That level already had a shortcut which was very difficult to execute a high score with. Players for many years tried to make it through the small gap. Only a decade after it was built for somebody to finally manage it. By this stage there is no point removing the shortcut. I do agree there is not much of an excuse for this now.
pig 12 days ago
  It's obviously not the game's or the programmer's fault. Creators should make levels uncheatable. Some of them suceeded, but there are lots of levels where you can only get high scores by completing the level in a way where you are not supposed to go. Obtaining a high score without cheating is hardly possible now.
Coolguy52 12 days ago
  I think you have a fair point with the head jumps and launch jumps. They can be very annoying. Fortunately the problem is restricted to those levels. It is a ridiculous number which an advantage can be gained on (and yet more which haven’t been saved/executed). The fact that the levels are all cheatable isn’t the fault of the game obviously (unless it’s a headjump cheat). It’s just a shame that the game was programmed in such a way. Having said that - two major glitches in 10 years for a flash game from the late 2000s isn’t that bad - the vast majority of BL games have far more glitches than this!
pig 12 days ago
  To be honest, this game is pretty much broken, due to the enormous amount of highscores claimed with headjumps, and of course there are lots of levels which you can cheat on.
chris3000 1 month ago
  Hey, if you guys have any hints/tips/strategies on how I can Improve on levels, I would appreciate it. I still have about 250 levels left, they're hard IMO but honestly I haven't really tried on them, I'll post on which ones I'm stuck or am confused on.

I also would like to know which levels that I have major improving on, for example if my score is 60K below the top one then it needs improvement. You can either PM me the list and you can post on the level letting me know. Wish me luck.
suhangha 1 month ago
  It's about 3 thousand away from 2 million.
chris3000 1 month ago
  Welcome back Asteria, what happened to Pof? He hasn't been online in 4-5 years. I guess he is busy and has a lot of responsibilities.
Coolguy52 1 month ago
  Welcome back Asteria! The other one could be Static Skybase - one of those levels which has a major shortcut discovered fairly recently.

Anyway, it’s always great to see the older players return - particularly those I remember in my early days!
Dynamo 1 month ago
  Hey Asteria, great to see you back! I believe Glass Cavern was the latest official added, however I'm not sure what the last level to be made official was when you last visited, so there could've been a few since then.

You might wanna check out some old levels to improve your scores as some major shortcuts have been found and optimisations have been made recently.
Asteria 1 month ago
  Some of the ancients still visit this game every now and again I see. What are the most recent official maps btw?
Coolguy52 2 months ago
  I’ll be honest with you, I think my crazy highscore there was almost luck for me. I also think that a lot higher is also possible, but I doubt I can achieve that - I might try...

I think 9M is going to be unachieveable without setting some of the craziest and most incredible highscores. For instance, your highscores on ‘Hard Climbings’ and ‘Lethal Holes’ (plus a few others I’m sure) and my ‘Swirls and Curls’, and both Orbital scores are great highscores - I think that if we have many, many highscores just like that - like if we got Ramps 30k etc. (in short, high scores for nutjobs xD), I think we can make 9M. I just doubt I have the ability to pull off some of those types of scores.

Good luck with highscoring those two levels - Unholy Ruins is probably inaccessible for me currently - only ever came close once...
Dynamo 2 months ago
  Unholy Ruins and Wonders of JG, they could bring me another 20k closer but they're SO HARD to replicate fml... I don't know why I'm getting excited about that cus there's still another 60k to improve on out of seemingly nothing :/

Huge kudos to keithy for being the only one able to pull that stunt off for however many years he's held that score! And to you CG for optimising probably one of the hardest officials here!

Reminiscing on our journey to the big leagues, I have to say one of my favourite battles with you has got to be on Olympic Luge, and your eventual landslide victory. Only complete nutjobs like us would attempt to try and highscore that level but we both achieved it somehow! :o
Coolguy52 2 months ago
  5 months late on the 8.9M - better late than never :)

Also I think it's about 9.12M now. GL if you go for it - I certainly don't have the skill :O
If I'm going to push further, I'd have to seriously step up my game in general, as I can barely improve anymore.
Dynamo 2 months ago
  Anyone know what the current total of highscores are? I’m thinking of trying for the 9mil again :P
popo2 2 months ago
  I usually mute the music as well due to getting burnt out on it sometimes.
Coolguy52 2 months ago
  I don't really mind about the music - I don't play with it usually - but sometimes I'll decide to put it on. I don't really get affected - and I can get highscores with in on of off.
chris3000 2 months ago
  I always mute the music b/c I seem to concentrate better when it's muted.
popo2 2 months ago
  You can convert this video into an audio file.
Coolguy52 2 months ago
  That is the soundtrack for this game. I have no idea if it is possible to obtain, I’ve tried a few times in the past - but like you with no luck.
popo2 2 months ago
  Is that music for the website?
dany777 2 months ago
  Is there any way i can get the music Tribe2 by Rhino?
I've been trying to find it but no luck.
Treazer 2 months ago
  I know that feeling, some of my older comments are written in awful English. For some reason I also capitalized every word back then, haha.

Anyway, great to see one of the earlier members visit the site again! The site is not as flourishing as it once was, but we still have a small core community, which is great. :)
Bino 2 months ago
  Haven't played that game for what... 10 years? And i'm currently reading all the comments that people wrote about my levels.

That's so funny to read all that sh*t 'cause 10 years ago I was so bad in English that I couldn't even read anything lol.

And what's even more funny is that I found some old messages that I wrote (I was using Google Translate at that time). Sometimes it's just so badly written that I can't even understand my own message ahah.

Anyway, have a great day y'all !
Coolguy52 2 months ago
  I doubt JP will ever update this game again - and even if he was to, I don't think this is a good idea. It would be very unfair on all inactive players who managed to beat a level with no deaths, and it is impossible to retroactively add these points on (at least for me - and even if it was, who could tell who to give the points to?). What could be an interesting challenge would be to try to replicate such an effect using stars in the game.

Jump Gear 2 developed by jp

Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.

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