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Game in test phase

Sorry, this game is in test phase and it is not yet public. Try again in a few days or weeks.

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Mmmmmm 3 years ago
suhangha 4 years ago
  *《[{"'<(CLOSED game)>'"}]》*
LadersHD 4 years ago
  *still waiting*
funguy161 8 years ago
  So This Is In The Testing Stage...
Edit- When ARE We Getting This On Flash?
Edit 2- Also, Does Your iPad Need A Camera For The Mobile Version?
chrishappy 10 years ago
  I like to play nothing XD
Treazer 10 years ago
  You didn't break the combo.

and... no combobreaker :)
SuperMario 11 years ago
  Can Ai bi a testah?

and... Combobreak
Treazer 11 years ago
  Why did you bump Maxamed?

and... Bump
Maxamed 12 years ago
  Why did you bump Treazer?

and... Bump
Treazer 12 years ago


SuperMario 12 years ago
  Come on Jp!!!
FrogMan 12 years ago
  Still waiting... It says on jp's page that this game hasn't been updated in 7 months...
manufan 12 years ago
  I don't think this could be on BL... But prove me wrong! :D I can't wait for this.
Treazer 12 years ago
  Quoting SimonM from Game "Mozzle"
Will this game also be published on Bonuslevel itself?

Quoting jp from Game "Mozzle"
Yes sure. Not at the same time, a bit later as all the levels are not yet ready. the score will be based on times (lowest=better).

A bit?
gameinsky 12 years ago
  I don't know, JP never did a lot on this game...
MatthijsM 12 years ago
  Patient on this game patient
SleathPilot 12 years ago
  Is this ever going to be public.
SleathPilot 12 years ago
  Just get it on the iPhone. jk
Magic_X 12 years ago
  Lol I know, I know. Just thought I'd try :P
AK 12 years ago
Magic_X 12 years ago
  Can I be a tester?
SleathPilot 12 years ago
allyally 12 years ago
  SP, you either need to find a vimeo video & upload the file the the level editor, or you make the animation in Flash/FlashDevelop & upload the SWF file. So there isnt really an online editor.
SleathPilot 12 years ago
  @ AA How do you make a level, I've been wondering........
jasperpostema 12 years ago
  Sounsd fun! It is very hard if you took a forest or a sea :P
allyally 12 years ago
  Game description:
Your take an animation/video, Divide it up into Pieces, which get scrambled around the screen. You have to move the pieces back in place. Its preety cool if the animations are cool. the Animations are sometimes interactive too,
jasperpostema 12 years ago
  Me too :D
jeti100 12 years ago
  i like really wanna play
jasperpostema 12 years ago
  I want to know how the game must be played. Pitty I am not a tester, so i am looking to levels in de Beste levels you haven't scored on row
SleathPilot 12 years ago
  This is a good game on the iPhone i hope it becomes a game.

Mozzle developed by jp

Motion Puzzle.
Don't ask to be a tester.

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