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Sorry, this game is in test phase and it is not yet public. Try again in a few days or weeks.

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Mmmmmm 3 years ago
psychomaster 11 years ago
  Beam Thingy.. XD
SuperMario 11 years ago
  Best lastest version of the game!
Treazer 11 years ago
  I know it, too. Probably. It's "Game Thing"^^
azz 11 years ago
  I think I know what this secret project is. But I'm not going to tell Treazer.
Treazer 11 years ago
  Secret project?! Tell me >:D
Hexicube 11 years ago
  Well to be honest checklists are subject to change after such a period, right now my priorities are:
1. Enjoying life
2. Working on a secret project unrelated to BL
3. BLaster Towers
4. Learn C++ properly
5. Brick Mania
Treazer 11 years ago
  GL101 I'm sorry, life ends with death. And after death you're unable to do anything. E.g. a checklist you've made when you were 16 years old.
gamelover101 11 years ago
  Wow. That's a year ago. Now? Stilll... life... :(
Treazer 11 years ago
  Quoting Hexicube from I search for a Scripter
um I have checklist:
1. Life
2. BLaster Towers
3. Gundu
4. Brick Mania
5. Info Lines Toy
yeah...working on 1 atm...

Did you finished life? :D

edit: After the game (BT) you'll make a game (for gundu) and after that you'll make another game (BM) xD
gamelover101 11 years ago
Treazer 11 years ago
  Hexicube needs to work on this :P I know that games aren't made of sunshine, lollipops and 20 day work (except small games with a sun which is shining and it's raining lollipos) :) Whatever, you have time, but you could start D:

GL: You mean the Lolipop game? :D
gamelover101 11 years ago
  They aren't made of inactivity either! >:(
Hexicube 11 years ago
  Dammit GL games aren't made from sunshine, lollipops, and 20 days work!
gamelover101 11 years ago

Marc. Hurry up. >:P
gamelover101 12 years ago
  Meh, let marc decide.
demonicyoshi 12 years ago
  its better if its kept as one game called "blaster towers" if its split then neither game will never be finished...
gamelover101 12 years ago
  Why not split them into 2 games? :o
Hexicube 12 years ago
  No, the entire concept, BLaster Towers has a lot of interesting features compared to "IT HAS NEON :D"...
Treazer 12 years ago
  I thought just the sprites were different.
Hexicube 12 years ago
  The entire concept.
Treazer 12 years ago
  What's the difference between Neon Defence and BLaster Towers?
Hexicube 12 years ago
  It was hibernating, and it's going to transform into a butterfly...I'm going back to BLaster Towers, the concept was cooler. :P
Treazer 12 years ago
  Quoting gameinsky from Game "Neon Defence"
it's not dead, it's sleeping.

Yes, you're right :D Only a 7 month sleep.... ;)

Quoting Hexicube from BLaster Towers checklist and ideas feed
Guess what I'm about to do in the near future...
gamelover101 12 years ago
  I found a glitch: If you click the the Random Levels buttons (Random, Top rated, new), it gives you a message saying: Sorry, no m athching levels found.
Ahroo 12 years ago
  Nope! Just Chuck Testa.
gamelover101 12 years ago
  Discussion over?
Hexicube 12 years ago
  im reading it as both :P
anyways, I will work on this once I have my other stuff done, I dont want to do too much at once as it makes my output suck XP
chris3000 12 years ago
  Hex was born to create games.
Hexicube 12 years ago
  actually im working on a different tower defence game with a friend of mine, and im using the game as 'work' for a school project of mine...

Neon Defence developed by Hexicube

Use the power of light to destroy the darkness!

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