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Game in test phase

Sorry, this game is in test phase and it is not yet public. Try again in a few days or weeks.

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Mmmmmm 3 years ago
SuperMario 10 years ago
  It is still for me.
Dynamo 10 years ago
  It was the 8th of December 2013 yesterday! :o
Sherlock 11 years ago
  Hehe, maybe. I'll quit here.
gameinsky 11 years ago
Just play P4M, the one on the frontpage.
It makes no sense to add everything the current version has here.

I don't know what you're trying to do here, but whatever it is, it makes no sense.
Sherlock 11 years ago
  Er... Add the electric fonction? I guess
geckojsc 11 years ago
  This game is fresher than my breath.
gameinsky 11 years ago
  Yes, there's a newer version of this game with far more stuff and better engine, so why can't we play the old incomplete and unpolished version?
Sherlock 11 years ago
  Oh, why can't we play this game? It looks fresh!
chris3000 12 years ago
  @Hex: yes you did. And you too gecko.
Treazer 12 years ago
  Yuppppppp :D
Hexicube 12 years ago
  "it sucks compared to the new one :P"
I clearly succeeded ;D
gameinsky 12 years ago
  it sucks compared to the new one :P
Magic_X 12 years ago
  No, its just the original version of Path 4 Mouse thats now outdated.
psychomaster 12 years ago
  how do you play???? is this game on a different site or what????
Hexicube 12 years ago
  "incase you have noticed" sheesh...
SleathPilot 12 years ago
  Marc I know..............
Hexicube 12 years ago
  incase you have noticed, it has old in the title, this is Path4Mouse BEFORE I continued it for gecko...
SleathPilot 12 years ago
  I wouldn't know because im not a tester. :(
Magic_X 12 years ago
  No, if this were P4M 2, it would be a down-grade because this one doesn't have as many features.
chris3000 12 years ago
  idk... 1111th post
SleathPilot 12 years ago
  This could be Path 4 Mouse 2?
Hexicube 12 years ago
  "I'm a grammar nazi, not a wannabe. :p"
what next, semicolon apocalypse?
oh wait...I dont use semicolons *hides*

also, this has sort of died in favour of the finished version ;)
Ferrari12 12 years ago
  I only have all levels left to beat :P

I'm not a tester :(
Daft_Punk 12 years ago
  I only have two level left to beat! :P

Darkest Shadows
The mysterious code
Magic_X 13 years ago
  Azz isnt a tester? I thought he was...
azz 13 years ago
  No i didnt actually... he did those levels i am not that immature... :(
Daft_Punk 13 years ago
  I'm not a trusted member anymore??? :(

[edit] never mind
devil_piez 13 years ago
  i deleted them
devil_piez 13 years ago
  i did not make them i left my self on and azz made them so nowq im deleting them

Path 4 Mouse (old) developed by geckojsc

Move your mouse through the mazes to complete each level.

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