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jolex 8 days ago
  This game is still as fun as ever
chris3000 5 months ago
  Well tell him I said hey and hope you all stay safe during this pandemic.
Magic_X 5 months ago
  @chris3000, dunno honestly. I'll see if he'll come back for old time's sake.
chris3000 5 months ago
  And welcome back Magic, is DaftPunk coming back too? Wow nice to see people coming back to visit the site and have fun.
gameinsky 6 months ago
  Hey, nice to see an old familiar face again once in a while!
Magic_X 6 months ago
  Similar to Creedsanatomy, I logged in after being gone for like 6+ years. Crazy to come back here and play levels I created almost a decade ago... Man, simpler times.
chris3000 6 months ago
  Hey welcome back. Wow it's been that long? In September will mark my 11th year here. So how have you been doing?
Creedsanatomy 6 months ago
  I haven't logged in, in over 8-9 or so years. Check out my profile for some levels I made when I was like 11-12!

Crazy cool to see some of your guys's familiar names again! Lol
chris3000 9 months ago
  Welcome back jasse, If you haven't seen me before, I'm Chris. I've been on BL for over 9 years.
jasse50 9 months ago
  Merry christmas! It's been 8 years since I played this game, fun to think that I was 12 when I started here, and fun seeing some of the old names around still :)
chris3000 10 months ago
  Welcome back 1jase, are you planning on making some more levels. I had fun with some of yours.
Dynamo 11 months ago
  Thanks! Platformers are definitely my forte, but believe me goldie took some blood sweat and tears to beat! We actually have a discord group chat with the remaining active BL members, if you'd like to join you'd be more than welcome! Feel free to message gameinsky if you're interested. :P
1jase 11 months ago
  Damn Dynamo you are a beast! congrats on the all time high score. Was feeling nostalgic on this Sunday so I thought I hit this site up. I had such a good time on here with this community
Dynamo 11 months ago
  Welcome back 1jase, it's nice to see old users checking back in every now and then! I have faith in you, if you need any tips just let me know! :D
1jase 11 months ago
  Been on this site for over a decade and still haven't beaten Balancing Act lol Going to give it another go!

Edit: I gave up
chris3000 1 year ago
  I posted on a few I have stuck on, my officials left are, Cryptic Caverns, Infinite Machine and Arburtary Arena. Any advice/tips and hints would be helpful.
Dynamo 1 year ago
  What do you have left chris, I'll try and give you a hand :)
chris3000 1 year ago
  I need help with the last 2-3 officials. Arbitrary arena seems to be very hard for me which is the very last official. Any tips/strategies?

And I still have 414 total, some are riddles that I'm still stuck on.
Dynamo 1 year ago
  If goldie were to ever return, it wouldn't take a lot for him to take back first place, I don't have the hugest of leads here. I'm happy being the only 27k for now though, and I will continue grinding Arbitrary Arena until I make some kind of breakthrough, however at the current rate I may have to ask for help! :/
chris3000 1 year ago
  I wonder what happened to Jondeelee and Goldie?
adamschule85 1 year ago
  Message removed...
SUPER-LEVLER 1 year ago
  The Level "Jump rite" is finished now.
Treazer 2 years ago
  Levels in these games take a lot longer to make and most people only play the puzzle games on this site (especially BLockoban and Jellify) with Jump Gear 2 as an exception.
chris3000 2 years ago
  Wb neo, it's been a while. There hasn't been any new levels in a few months, why?
neoseanner 2 years ago
  nah don't worry , won't online or comment often tho
gameinsky 2 years ago
  Loosened your limitations, reminds me to compeltely remove them in a few days (should be ample for a day still)
Treazer 2 years ago
  On the top next to your name and log out button.
neoseanner 2 years ago
  where's the "chat!" button were you talking about
edit : oh seriously , still had my limitation on for years...
Coolguy52 2 years ago
  I think that if you click the [Chat!] tab then you get directed to the discord server.
totallyepicdude321 2 years ago
  Lets hope I can actually make some good levels now, am I right? Actually this might be a good place to get practice designing levels... Also, does this website have a discord server I could join?

Rolling Turtle developed by jp

Your objective is to reach the final flag. Controls : Space bar to jump. Left & right arrows to adjust speed. Up & down arrows to zoom in/out.

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