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Dynamo 2 months ago
  Thanks Chris, I don't really play RT anymore, I've switched back to JG2 to work up the ranks a bit now that CG52 is giving me some good competition, and I realised there were a lot of official levels I could improve my score by a significant amount on too!
chris3000 2 months ago
  Where's goldie? He must be on vacation. And jondeelee too, congratz to Dynamo for getting first place, I just noticed it today.
drgonzo1987 6 months ago
  Welcome back awesomeness, nice to see an old face!
Treazer 6 months ago
  Oh hey, welcome back!
awesomeness 6 months ago
  Hey guys! Just wanted to say I'm back, for those of you who remember me!
chris3000 10 months ago
  Hey, I just made a pack of the levels I have left to beat. I'm not sure if i'll be able to beat them, I've been stuck on some for 3 years max. I don't understand. This game requires a lot of skill and patience. Some levels are just impossible to me. Take a look at the pack and you'll see what I mean. I guess i'll post on the ones i'm really stuck on.
GDYushi 10 months ago
  Lol I remember playing this 5 years ago :) good times
gameinsky 11 months ago
  Yep indeed, but your levels weren't too bad. Feel free to make new ones, and if you seek to contact the peopel that somewhat stick around, there's this: discord chat
Darerd 11 months ago
  Wow, I remember playing this when I was a kid. I made such awful levels, it's so embarrassing! But I had a couple neat ideas too. I'm surprised, now, at how versatile this simple game is.
Creedsanatomy 11 months ago
  I still don't have an official :(
chris3000 1 year ago
  I really need to try to try to beat Dynamo in the officials, but I've been SO busy taking care of my family and responsibilities I haven't had time.
ayberk 1 year ago
  Hard But Good Game:))) :P
Treazer 1 year ago
  The game author or game admin will decide that.
DeathGod 1 year ago
  what my level scores then
Treazer 1 year ago
  New levels should be approved within a week. Usually it get's evaluated in up to 3 days, though.

Concerning official levels, the level has to be outstanding and very original to achieve this status. However, it is way more difficult to get an official level nowadays than a few years ago, as the quality standard greatly increased over the time and as there won't be as many new officials anymore.
DeathGod 1 year ago
  If you guys need some new officials/approves. Then approvee/office my!
chris3000 1 year ago
  I wish there were some new levels. I can't seem to beat anymore right now. Welcome back jondeelee. I wonder when goldie is coming back.
Treazer 1 year ago
  Congratulations on the 1k award, jondeelee! Nice to see you back here. :D
Treazer 1 year ago
  Hello and welcome to Bonuslevel, lolsuperscratch. Glad to see you here! :)

What happened exactly? Maybe we can help.
lolsuperscratch 1 year ago
  my game is crashed, but i think is wrong.
drgonzo1987 1 year ago
  Awesome chris, that a great achievement!
Treazer 1 year ago
  That's a big number, congrats! :)
chris3000 1 year ago
  I just completed my 2000th level here. 432 to go.
Dynamo 1 year ago
  Not luck Chris, just sheer willpower with the occasional bit of luck, 'Lucky Turtle' for example, and a few lil tricks of mine to get 1 or 2 extra points above a common high score. ;)
chris3000 1 year ago
  Wow Dynamo, you must be really lucky. Goldie is an expert here.
drgonzo1987 1 year ago
  27,000 points! Amazing Dynamo!
Dynamo 1 year ago
  100 more points and Goldie's top spot is all mine :D
Creedsanatomy 1 year ago
  If you want a challenge try to beat my level social sanitarium! Also gameinsky thank you, i was 13-14 when I made them!
drgonzo1987 1 year ago
  Thanks gameinsky!
gameinsky 1 year ago
  Hey drgonzo, if you ever want to talk to the community you can feel free to do that here!

Rolling Turtle developed by jp

Your objective is to reach the final flag. Controls : Space bar to jump. Left & right arrows to adjust speed. Up & down arrows to zoom in/out.

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