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Game in test phase

Sorry, this game is in test phase and it is not yet public. Try again in a few days or weeks.

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Mmmmmm 3 years ago
Maxamed 12 years ago
  i want to be a tester too-
nachos 12 years ago

@asessiofuffagames This game hasnt been updated.. Well.. In a long time... There is no neeed for testers :)
gameinsky 12 years ago
  Arghglhglhglhlghlggh... someone wants to be a tester on a game that will never be finishedrgrhghgrhblrghlrghlrhgl...
i'm dyign grhlhrglhrglhrg
alessiofuffagames 12 years ago
  I want to be a tester
jasperpostema 12 years ago
  You can't ask Pof.
Pof 12 years ago
  Hey. Can I be a tester for this game please?
niimporta 12 years ago
  Yep, I made a video bout' it :)

The Video is here
gamelover101 12 years ago
  Video? You maded a video about it?
SuperMario 12 years ago
  @niimporta, where is the video? :D
gamelover101 12 years ago
  P.S. How do you pronounce this guy's name?
niimporta 12 years ago
  I remember Draw♥..
I still have the video about it :)
Fanta-Freak 13 years ago
  puh.. sillius
Sillius 13 years ago
It's all your fault, you should be ashamed."

That was because I introduced him to LoL, so he means it, but he doesn't... If you know what I mean :D
Hexicube 13 years ago
  yer, and it clearly isnt that...
birjolaxew 13 years ago
  God MARC, ever heard of this thing called sarcasm?
Hexicube 13 years ago
  if hes saying anything like that last post(the first bit) then id rather he didnt...
besides, hes been inactive for a month...
supersonic50 13 years ago
  please post soon
THeNiNJa 13 years ago
It's all your fault, you should be ashamed.

Anyway, 2 weeks and I'll pick up the project once again. - hopefully succeeding this time.
Sillius 13 years ago
  It's partially my faulth he stopped working on this game :)
But I don't think he'll ever finish it, so if someone wants to continue it I'm sure he'll be okay with it :p
Magic_X 13 years ago
  This game looks fun :(
Hexicube 13 years ago
  all I will say is:
the explanation for my 'mistake' is bigger than Gundus ^^ lol
im so bored :_
Magic_X 13 years ago
  Is this ever going to be finished?
Ahroo 13 years ago
  Ahh, Sillius... always so accepting of the system. ':p
Sillius 13 years ago
  "I remember it was called Xionxz1, as (quoting gundu)"THeNiNJa is stealing my game!", but he changed the name as a cover-up"
Ahroo, the name was changed to be more fitting to the main protagonist, it had nothing to do with covering anything + at that time all Gundu had contributed with was a concept which wasn't even that thought out :)

"It's a cover up in itself, he stole the required code and slowly changed the game"
Marc, you seem to be a little wrong there. At first THeNiNJa and Gundu had decided to colaborate in making this game. THeNiNJa would code and Gundu make the sprites. But instead of making his own Gundu first "stole" some other sprites from different places around the internet, which THeNiNJa thought ill of, which made him ask him to make his own. Gundu then made some rater crappy ones (no offense, but they were) and THeNiNJa decided that if this game was going to get anywhere at all, he had to make those sprites himself too. Since everything Gundu had (or should have) colaborated with was removed from the game, and the only thing left remaining was the concept, THeNiNJa simply "removed" Gundu from the game. Since Gundu hadn't helped (enough) THeNiNJa wouldn't let him get the "honour" of making a game.

Some you may disagree with me about this (Gundu, maybe), but this is nevertheless exactly what happened, when THeNiNJa started helping Gundu.

This game will probably be finished sometime, but THeNiNJa is quite unmotivated so I doubt it will be anytime soon :)

(I will probably still be a bit inactive after this)
Ahroo 13 years ago
  He decided to restart it... he didn't get very far. :/
gameinsky 13 years ago
  No, that's why he hired THeNiNJa, then an agruing started from wheter Gundu or THeNiNja would publish the game.
Gundu then gave up and quited the project.
Ahroo 13 years ago
  Oh wow... is gundu even a coder? ':_
Hexicube 13 years ago
  its a cover up in itself, he stole the required code and slowly changed the game
Ahroo 13 years ago
  I remember it was called Xionxz1, as (quoting gundu)"THeNiNJa is stealing my game!", but he changed the name as a cover-up. :p

Regardless, this DOES look a bit different from Orby's Escape now, so there isn't much plaguerism now. :/

Xanward Urthadar developed by THeNiNJa

Collect the treasure and escape each level - but watch out for the enemies.

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