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On BL (, 1 game is 2 swf. One is the game engine and the other one is the level editor. The BL API ( Application Program Interface), which is a swf common to all BL games, takes care of loading dynamically the game engine, the level editor, or both, according to the user's actions.

What kind of games ?

The BL platform is designed for games based upon levels, which is actually a wide range of games.

The most popular and interesting games, will be the ones providing a game engine and a level editor opening the door to a wide variety of levels, and unleashing creativity.

If you are a Flash developer and want to know if your game is suited for BL, ask yourself "Could this game support hundreds of unique levels?". Anyway the best way is to contact us .

Game options

Once you've implemented the BL API in your game engine and level editor, the BL platform takes care of the interface, allowing the users to select, play and edit the levels, and managing the scores too. There are several available options.


You can set a game where
  • the highest score is the best,
  • the lowest score is the best,
  • or a game without score.


You can customize the way the BL platform handles the levels for your game.
  • You can create categories and classify the levels.
  • The level progression.
    • The levels are locked, that means you can't play a level without unlocking the previous one.
    • The levels are locked by category, that means, within a category, you can't play a level without unlocking the previous one.
    • The levels are unlocked, you can play any of them.

Skin and colors

The look & feel of the BL interface can be customized.
  • 5 colors can be easily changed through the submission / edition form.
  • The interface is entirely skinnable, you can go for a preselected skin or design your own skin. Here is for example the default skin. You can change the skin by modifying this image and uploading through the submission / edition form.
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