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On BL (, a game is also a living community. As the author of the game, you must follow carefully the life of your game. The most popular the game is, the more levels will be designed for it by the community. All levels have to be checked and accepted before being featured and played. The game's author is the best person for this job but you can create administrators for your game. The most pouplar a game is, the most likely you will find administrators to help you evluating the levels.


Select carefully your administrators! Evaluation is only a small part of the administrators duties (probably the most time consuming). The most significant part is to assist players, motivate new ones, assist designers, resolve conflicts, answer to questions and listen to opinions. The ultimate goal is not only preserve the high quality of the game and the community's but improve it with fresh new ideas.
The Admin level 1 can approve or reject the levels, and the level packs.
The Admin level 2 can decide for the official levelsn, and the "Top level packs".

Levels policy

It's important that all level designers and administrators can rely on common rules. The game policy (about accepted and rejected levels) can be displayed in the level editor's intructions (that can be edited through the submition form).
Example :
1 - We will not accept levels that are too difficult.
2 - We will not accept levels that are too similar to a previous level.

Level packs and Official levels

The official levels are those that will be played first by the new players. Select them carefully to preserve the story line, and the learning curve. You, the game author, and the administrators (level 2) are responsible for this.
Besides this, the highscores depend on the official levels too.
Level packs are free selections of levels, made by the members of the site. You and the game administrators have to evluate them before they are featured on the site. You and the game adminsitrators (level 2) can decide for "Top packs", a group of packs that will be highlighted. As the game author, you can export official levels or any level pack. You will not claim ownership on the levels you didn't make yourself, but you are free to exploit them.
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