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Topic, Level "A couple of jumps?", game "Jump Gear 2"

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Coolguy52 1 year ago
  Maybe - but it just goes to show that you should cheatproof your level.
pig 1 year ago
  Davidanderson is the real winner here.
popo2 1 year ago
  I also knew that the highscore was possible for me to get!
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  Heh. I knew that would be possible before looking at the score ;)
flame22 8 years ago
  R U sure?
too short
joe45 8 years ago
Pof 8 years ago
  omg how to cheat???
did you use jump gear's nose???
OliAli 9 years ago
  Lol, where is it??

[edit] I found it lol, its cool:D
thundersm14 9 years ago
  lol there is still a shortcut beat my score lol
Oxideee 9 years ago
  shiro ment the previous scores were impossile as there used to be a shortcut
OliAli 9 years ago
  It is possible very easy:)!
Shiro 9 years ago
  I've also resetted the score since it was impossible :)
Oxideee 9 years ago
  Done editing!
Shiro 9 years ago
  Wow, actually took a while before an Administrator saw this !

But you can edit this now.
Oxideee 9 years ago
  I found the shortcut, can i edit and scores reset please?

guess people have found a shortcut. in my previous message i was talking about a different one but okay
Treazer 9 years ago
  Is thunders score possible???
Oxideee 9 years ago
  yeh i know its easy :) and it has a short cut, i dont really like this level myself
granate07 9 years ago
  nice level!like it
allyally 9 years ago
  Actually rather easy... did it 1st time!


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allyally 9 years ago
  Actually rather easy... did it 1st time!
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