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Topic, Level "Go to Work", game "BLockoban"

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chris3000 4 years ago
  It took a lot of planning and strategic moves for me to solve this, I got it with 220+ moves.
jp 13 years ago
  Sorry bu I reset the scores to be sure the level is now possible.
patio09 13 years ago
  What's the difference ?
I have been able to complete all along. Am I missing out on something ?
Jyxz 13 years ago
  Yeah sorry about that I was editing it and uploaded it with an error but I couldn't fix it because it was accepted moments later... however somehow oldmanrob scored a 150 on it so I thought it was possible.. I'm actually still confused on that but yeah its fixed now.
pauloalex 13 years ago
  this level was approved, but until then it was impossible, after two days there was an issue to make it possible.
jp 13 years ago
  @pauloalex, you told me that the level is not possible but here are scores. So is it possible or not ?
gameinsky 13 years ago
  only have to do my draw homework!
But I'm not payed for that sir!
oldmanrob 13 years ago
  School is a work place too. So be there on time and with all your homework done.
gameinsky 13 years ago
  I have school to deal with!
Plus I don't have any job ...
oldmanrob 13 years ago
  Right on! But monday morning everybody at his work place.
Jac1 13 years ago
  Don't you realise it's the weekend?
oldmanrob 13 years ago
  Don't wanna go to work you lazy guys?
Jyxz 13 years ago
  Thanks very much.
Jyxz 13 years ago
  Thanks everyone for the comments, I have cleaned it up a bit and reduced the size by 50%, I don't think I made it too much easier, so let me know what you think!
gameinsky 13 years ago
  And fustrating, this word was unnoticed until now.
boogiebee 13 years ago
  Challenging puzzles need not be so large IMO. Such small blocks make it difficult to focus your attention. Messy? Yes, but a good concept.
Asforien 13 years ago
  It is indeed very messy. But seeing the challenge of your previous levels, it might be worth it to give it a shot and edit the level. But there is a lot of improvement in order.
gundu 13 years ago
  I Have to be agree with elizea and Gary, This level is messy but this is a puzzle game and not a game of beauty

So I think it should be accepted
Jyxz 13 years ago
  Is it really that bad? And I can't tell if your serious Gary, haha.

I dunno to me this seems ridiculus that kid levels that consist of moving 3 blocks that took 2 seconds to make get accepted... but I dunno Id like to hear other peoples opinions on this level.
Garygoh884 13 years ago
  No messy levels, please, Jyxz.
Jyxz 13 years ago
  Ok I can understand how it seems like a random match up of pieces but i actually did take a lot time making it a different trick for each piece and then adding some extra blocks to confuse etc. etc. I can see why this isnt the most appealing level but I think at the same time there is a large demand for such a level, which is why I'd like it reconsidered... also if needed I can clean it up a little, i can agree its pretty messy, but Im not saying it should be official, I actually agree it shouldnt be, but accepted I think is fair, I know this is the type of level I love to solve.
Elizea 13 years ago
  the blocks are very messy placed, too messy unfortunately =(


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Elizea 13 years ago
  the blocks are very messy placed, too messy unfortunately =(
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