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Topic, Level "From Hell to Heaven", game "Rolling Turtle"

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connor700 13 years ago
  How is there a hack in the spear on the tumnail? it looks the same to me.
Ahroo 14 years ago
  Sadly enough, boulders are the only things that can be made to under size 4 normally... D:

heed, JP, heeeeeed. xD

HOWEVER, there is a hack in the thumbnail: the spear.
allyally 14 years ago
  They are, I don't hack,
Im 14 years ago
  I thought they were boulders. :O
Hexicube 14 years ago
  the mini dots is a hack :P
gameinsky 14 years ago
  I thougt there was a slide for sunkenturtle ?
And this level is not hacked ?
Garygoh884 14 years ago
  This level is hacked, so I won't make it a slide. Sorry.
Ahroo 14 years ago

I have a Dell XPS M1710 with Windows Vista running on it and there's no lag. -_-
awesomeness 14 years ago
  good but very laggy
gundu 14 years ago
  Sorry but the goal is in another level xD

(Mario reference)
Ahroo 14 years ago
  The finish is apparently somewhere, I wish I knew... :/
Sires 14 years ago
  Made it to heaven by now. Lack is gone in heaven, but the problems start. ;-)Heaven is definitely harder than hell. At least here...
Sires 14 years ago
  Amazing level. Haven't gotten very far yet (2nd checkpoint only), but the lag is annoying. Yes, there IS a lag... even with my Pentium IV with 2.4 GHz. Ok, maybe it is a crappy computer, but hey... it is not ultra slow or anything. It's just average. ;-)
Bruno-heey 14 years ago
  i agree with ahroo :P
Ahroo 14 years ago
  THERE. IS. NO. LAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 >:C

Shame on you, having crappy computers. xD
gameinsky 14 years ago
  oh hell yeah! completely with you THeNiNJa!
THeNiNJa 14 years ago
  Indeed an awesome level! But the lag..
I'd give away my right arm for jp to make an engine that could tolerate complex levels xD
Ahroo 14 years ago
  Exactly. xD
Elizea 14 years ago
  I had over 50 score when I came to heaven and ended up by scoring -48 xP
Ahroo 14 years ago
  Atheists know the TRUTH!!! xD
Sillius 14 years ago
  Heaven isn't a jumping hell xD
Ahroo 14 years ago
  Lol, his heaven is realistic, then. xD
Elizea 14 years ago
  First I was pretty frustrated from the beginning, its hard.

The castle part is very cool, except that I love CPs and you've found a new style with doesn't include a lot of CPs...


I was looking forward for your amazing looking heaven, but it was a annoying jumphell. Nice beginning but I think the heaven destroys the level by annoying jumps finding the goal from the moving background.
gameinsky 14 years ago
  dang, that's one well-hid exit!
Ahroo 14 years ago
  After the castle, use the escalator to heaven. Angels are lazy these days... xD
gameinsky 14 years ago
  Now heck, where is the exit ?
Ahroo 14 years ago
  Turtle's got guts, that's for sure. xD
Gamemaster 14 years ago
  the details of this level are AWESOME!!!!!!! 5/5
Ahroo 14 years ago
  Dang... Nice level!


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Ahroo 14 years ago
  Dang... Nice level!
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