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Topic, Level "Small turtle ", game "Rolling Turtle"

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tUrtleboy 10 years ago
  I like insects and I love this lvl!

P.S. can you make a second?
Daft_Punk 12 years ago
  Good originality, good challenges, and pretty good design! 4/5
minimariner 12 years ago
  Good level but i was where the cable thingy takes you up to the goal but it left without me (i went right over it :(
Elizea 12 years ago
  Extremely messy level, but good otherwise (except the train is boring and pretty many times same challenge several times in a row).

Maybe next one could be neater? =)
Giguv 12 years ago
  wertyjr123 and Ahroo:Thanks for good words!
gameinsky:I added something new to rides;)
wertyjr123 12 years ago
  this is one of the best ones ive
seen yet!
Ahroo 12 years ago
  Very good level! clever things that I didn't expect to happe happened! (lightning bolt of boulders)

Also, there is no lag. :/
gameinsky 12 years ago
  You do, not a bad idea :D
Giguv 12 years ago
  Yes,I thought about it.Maybe if I will add more background lines,rides will be more interesting?
gameinsky 12 years ago
  Ok, lag isn't a big problem (and it doesn't lag as much) but the last rides, especially the metro is boring.
Giguv 12 years ago
I do it.
minimariner 12 years ago
  I really like this level but there could be a checkpoint before those spiders because that part is quite hard and the level it quite long too :)

[edit] Thanks Giguv, it helps a bit now.
Giguv 12 years ago
I have some ideas for second part!
Sires 12 years ago
  I totally love this level. I love the idea, I love the many details and I love the design. Fantastic!
Giguv 12 years ago
  It is accident!Yes,i played Elizea's level before upload this one,but it was "Are you dead yet?" from "Hog pop".And I never heared about "Undone burden".
Treazer 12 years ago
  I know but he tryed it to make the same i think. Its doesnt laggy for me.
gameinsky 12 years ago
  His flag is nothing like it O_O
Still very laggy
Treazer 12 years ago
  Did you copied the flag from Elizeas level "Undone burden"?
Giguv 12 years ago
  I fill the end.You were right,so much better
gameinsky 12 years ago
  It's a little messy at the end... and also... what a lag!
That's maybe because of the fill


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gameinsky 12 years ago
  It's a little messy at the end... and also... what a lag!
That's maybe because of the fill
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