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Topic, Level "Japanese Garden", game "Rolling Turtle"

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Treazer 6 years ago
  I think I beat you both, Sillius and goldie ;)
Daft_Punk 9 years ago
  Cool lightning! Great level.
Sillius 9 years ago
  and now I've caught up to you :D
goldie 9 years ago
  not anymore >;o)
Sillius 9 years ago
  Still 1st place :D
Ahroo 9 years ago
  @Happy, please don't self-promote levels... it disrupts the balance of things. :/

Off the above topic, Cherry trees in the USA were a present from Japan. :D
Happy 9 years ago
  i created 2things or1!!
Sillius 9 years ago
  Highscore and ty for all the great comments :)
MarioIsFireball10 9 years ago
  best lvl evr
Elizea 9 years ago
  Yey that was a lovely adventure =] (gary, make a slide of this!).
Garygoh884 9 years ago
  This is the best Japanese-style. 5/5
lololol 9 years ago
  Because he's japanese? xD
Anyways this level is awesome! and beautiful. Now, back to the world cup match xP 5/5
But i was hoping for more Annoying challenges :D
Edit: woot highscore :D
Sillius 9 years ago
  This level is dedicated to Elizea :)


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Sillius 9 years ago
  This level is dedicated to Elizea :)
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