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Topic, Level "Happy B-Day Oxideee!", game "Jump Gear 2"

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Coolguy52 1 year ago
  That was a tough one - I think another second can be saved but you'd have to get incredibly lucky to not hit the lethal - as the bouncing is almost impossible to control perfectly.
LadersHD 5 years ago

edit: its really easy to get second lol (second try)
popo2 5 years ago
  If you get 4K, you'll make it to 1st place. Good luck. XD
Maxamed 12 years ago
  Well he prooved everyone whrong i guess but gj on this update and almost highscore.
gameinsky 12 years ago
  holy crap, and I here thought you would die if you are under 13 miliseconds.
kirrock 12 years ago
  Here guys. I made some updates. Is there any ways that this gets more scary at the ending? o.O
Pof 13 years ago
  Is the key "call for an admin" still have an utility on this game?
zariars 13 years ago
  I do too.
Still would be nice to get the impossible scores deleted
AK 13 years ago
  I miss Oxideee and Kirrock and Shiro....
Pof 13 years ago
  Impossible scores here!!!
Oxideee 13 years ago
  yayayay I feel special =D
Shiro 13 years ago
  Closest time auto for now :D!
Anyone want to try to beat this ^^?
kirrock 13 years ago
  I'm done! :D
Shiro 14 years ago
  Are you done editing?
kirrock 14 years ago
  Busy! :P (Message to short)
Shiro 14 years ago
  I'm still waiting until this get edited...
minimariner 14 years ago
  aww just realised that i was 71 points from 15,000 D: So close.
minimariner 14 years ago
  lol Hyro, XD
How i love stealing highscores on this level xD

Np oxideee :)
Shiro 14 years ago
  Hmm, I'm still waiting for this to get edited o.o.
Oxideee 14 years ago
  Thanky guys
Hyro 14 years ago
  Dude, you really need to chande your name to....

Megamariner. xD
minimariner 14 years ago
  Ah ha i pwned you all again :D
Money666 14 years ago
  Teribel level
Hyro 14 years ago
  Someone forgot to save highscore because I'm still No.1 XD
yoshi23 14 years ago
  yay highscore
Hyro 14 years ago
  Lol.... I think no one can beat my high score.... xD
minimariner 14 years ago
Hyro 14 years ago

Highscore. ^-^
minimariner 14 years ago
  Ah ha! I stole it again :D
minimariner 14 years ago
  lol xD.

lol the 3rd highscore that i had received today has been stolen :P. I had 4 highscores today.

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Shiro 14 years ago
  Hmm, could you please make it a bit longer or add a crapload of BG o_O?
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