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Topic, Level "Prison Break", game "BLockoban"

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ToughMan 14 years ago
  Thnx Mo and all. I agree with you. If I had to choose from all my levels one I think this would be it. It started as a 'nice design let's see what happens' and then had to make several rearrangements write down patterns, moves, formulas, etc so as to get it symmetric, feasible and enjoyable. Btw, it started with four blocks on each side (actually enormous) and I did lose count on the
Mo 14 years ago
  Wow, what a fantastic level. So many ways to make it unsolvable and yet so elegent. We have so many lately that should be official but this one really does need to be added among the last few expert ones.
ToughMan 14 years ago
  lol PA. We certainly wouldn't want you to lose your job, let alone your wife, now would we? I put a lot of thought into this level and I have to confess I solved it twice - probably by mistake..hehe - before uploading. After that I even couldn't remember the pattern, which is actually very tricky, I admit. Thank you PA, J and murat for your nice comments.
pauloalex 14 years ago
  if there was another level equal to that I'll lose my job and my wife! How is it possible to do a level so well prepared! perfect!
Jyxz 14 years ago
  This is either the best or second best blockoban level ever made.
ToughMan 14 years ago
  WTG Anthony... I was starting to think ppl were avoiding it.


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ToughMan 14 years ago
  WTG Anthony... I was starting to think ppl were avoiding it.
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