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Topic, Pack "Mini Map", game "BLockoban"

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Jos 12 years ago
  Attention, attention! Mini Maps has been edited with new mini levels!

If I've forgot a mini level, please say it; except if it's about the 8 other minimize support levels by camo. Of course I can't devote 1/3 of the whole pack to camo.
Jos 13 years ago
  I can't remember me that the first time in the 'pack editor' I sow the level several times. I first sow it during playing the level pack. After that it also happened in the 'pack editor'. Maybe it could have happened during switching the places of Mini-Totally Mazed and other levels and that I went out of the editor before I sow it.
SimonM 13 years ago
  Nice pack, Jos!
jp 13 years ago
  Yes but in this case, it's the exact same levels that have been added 4 times.
gameinsky 13 years ago
  I know how it comes actually, if two levels have the same name, both levels get added, but the creater of the pack isn't aware of that.
jp 13 years ago
  I've manually deleted the aditional levels. I don't know how this was possible.

@Jos, do you remember something, how you managed to add several times the same level in a pack ?
gundu 13 years ago
  We all know that you loved my level Totally Mazed, but you don't have to make 5 times the same level from it xD
Elizea 13 years ago
  Fixed the problem... Oh wait there are 5 now!?!

We should call 911... wait, no! Let's call JP!
Jos 13 years ago
  I made it three times again. It stays. I give it up. Someone who can help me?
Jos 13 years ago
  Yes, but in the 'pack editor' I can't remove the level (if I click on the button to remove 1 level I remove that level and all levels after that level).
pauloalex 13 years ago
  In your profile, go to "level pack creator.", under the page. Click in "more". In your right, clic in edit the pack.(sorry my bad english.)
Jos 13 years ago
  How can I edit it now? There is 3 times the same level in my level pack but I can't edit it.


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Jos 13 years ago
  How can I edit it now? There is 3 times the same level in my level pack but I can't edit it.
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