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Topic, Get the Cake!

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Coolguy52 4 years ago
  Warps Cake to him!
totallyepicdude321 4 years ago
  just be Mario.
Dear Mario, please come to the castle, ive baked a Delicious cake for you
-princess peach. *warps to other side* (Mario) yay
alanliu12121 5 years ago
  The end

SuperMario 5 years ago
  Using an eraser at the spikes is the solution. The end.
Treazer 5 years ago
ThisIsMyUsername 7 years ago
Easiest Way-End The Game.
PS:Squidward Chat↓
Squidward Chat
manufan 7 years ago
  Here's how not to do it:
ThisIsMyUsername 7 years ago
  Try This At Home!
demonicyoshi 7 years ago
  i said "possibly" which means i may not get around to it until 3 months lator.. =P
allyally 7 years ago

birjolaxew 7 years ago
Treazer 7 years ago
  Quoting demonicyoshi from Get the Cake!
i like this topic =)
Im going to0 make one posably tomarrow

Possibly tomorrow?
Hexicube 7 years ago
  I did not fail, Aldrich...
the cake IS a lie, its actually fishcake...
SleathPilot 7 years ago
  How do u do that.
chris3000 7 years ago
  I'm gonna go through the deadly spikes for the cake, xD.
Ahroo 7 years ago
  Heeney failed there, the cake is a pie. Which means you don't want it.
Hexicube 7 years ago
  the cake is a lie, the real one is in the players inventory!
Ahroo 7 years ago
  1) Copy first image
2) Paste in an image editor of choice (e.g. Microsoft Paint or Adobe Fireworks)
3) Draw a method of choice
4) Post on an image hosting site (e.g. Imageshack)
5) Use BBcode to post here (the bbcode is [ img = (url of image here) ] (text here if you want) [ /img ])
Masquerade 7 years ago
  How do you post one of these things?
chris3000 7 years ago
  I'm gonna get that cake!
demonicyoshi 7 years ago
  i like this topic =)
Im going to0 make one posably tomarrow
Treazer 7 years ago
Garygoh884 8 years ago
  My solution:

niimporta 8 years ago

gamelover101 8 years ago
  The amazing extender-claw!
The amazing extender-claw!

made with
Ahroo 8 years ago
  Don't try to make sense of it. I'm still wondering how people get all this stuff in a locked room. xD
Submachine 8 years ago
You can get pencil in lockedroom?
legodude 8 years ago
  Id blow up the spikes
allyally 8 years ago
  Meh, I got bored,
Ahroo 8 years ago
  That's really cheap. xD

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First post of the topic

geckojsc 8 years ago
  This is a simple game which has appeared on a few forums over the years. You have to edit this picture to show how to get the cake:
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