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Topic, Level "Watch Your Speed!", game "Jump Gear 2"

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Coolguy52 4 months ago
  That was a very lucky ending - highscore :)
Coolguy52 7 months ago
  It all depends on the level Chris. Of course there’s the general strategies but to have got the score you have - you must have general mastery over those strategies. If you want me to give you a strategy for getting a higher score on a certain level - then let me know!
chris3000 7 months ago
  Well when I am able to get back on the laptop, can you guys show me some strategies to be a better player.
Coolguy52 7 months ago
  Getting a good score will take a long time. You kinda have to experiment a lot and keep playing until you get better.
chris3000 8 months ago
  How did SM get that score? I'm a little over 2K below that.
LadersHD 8 months ago
  XDDDDDDDDDDDD it was me.. its really funny lmaooo

edit: SuperMario like a real car
Sherlock 7 years ago
  Mandy, kérjük, hozzászóláshoz, hogy van értelme. Ha nem tudod, hogyan kell beszélni angolul, használjon vagy más fordító. Kösz.

<By google translate> <által lefordítani a google>
Mandy 7 years ago
  desa to it to desa
Ferrari12 7 years ago
  Mandy, please post comments that make sense. If you do not know how to speak English, use or another translator.
Mandy 7 years ago
  at sorry two
PineappleDude 9 years ago
  Challenge completed :)
MatthijsM 9 years ago
  Pineappledude try this one
meltycheese 10 years ago

cguy3000 11 years ago
  wierd level
MooKings 11 years ago
  Great level!
gameinsky 11 years ago
  i love the rainbow at the end!
oggologgo 11 years ago
Sillius 11 years ago
  I think it's fine as it is now this makes the illusion that you die because you drive to fast and I think the level will be easier if you can see the black lines wich will remove some of the fun ;)
Nikobam 11 years ago
cool level
THeNiNJa 11 years ago
  You're probably right, i considered this aswell.
jp 11 years ago
  Yep actually I agree a black line would have been better, no ?
Captain_404 11 years ago
  While, yes, invisible stuff is way cool, I don't think it's really necessary for this level and is more annoying than anything.

Otherwise good level!
BenTen 11 years ago
  this gives me a idea...


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BenTen 11 years ago
  this gives me a idea...
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