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Topic, Level "City Cleanup ", game "Path 4 Mouse"

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Daft_Punk 11 years ago
  Awesome. Now I don't have to.
Ahroo 11 years ago
  Nope. I just did the impossible. I JUST BEAT IT. >:3

EDIT: lol my score has 42 in it...

EDIT 2: It seems GIS edited it for you, Daft. :/
gamelover101 11 years ago
  Daft, call an admin!!!
Ahroo 11 years ago
  Lol, I see Daft_Raeg. |:p
Daft_Punk 11 years ago
  Ya, I want to edit this so people stop negatively commenting on it! D:<
gamelover101 11 years ago
  MARC, this is why you should add trusted members. :p
Daft_Punk 11 years ago
  No kizzadude, I think I should edit it because YOU messed it up! So may I please edit it to make it better?
MatthijsM 12 years ago
  mif that's really crude
devil_piez 12 years ago
  can i edit this please
MarioIsFireball10 12 years ago
  That's why people don't let kizzadude into their collabs.
Garygoh884 12 years ago
  That's really impossible for me.
Daft_Punk 12 years ago
  Thanks kizzadude, you MADE MY LEVEL IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Can I edit the impossible part...kizzadude you should have let me look over it before you uploaded it. Then this wouldn't have happened... >:(
gameinsky 12 years ago
  Seems like the off-button has been squished by a spinner.
Also this is deffinally not easy.

Sorry but P4M has so many levels tha I can't keep pace with them and can't always beat them.
I didn't even asked to be admin here.
gundu 12 years ago
  Yeah, Burfy is right.

You should watch levels more closely GIS, this is like the 8th time you accept an impossible level
burfy 12 years ago
  I think it is impossible, how can you get past the metal plate?
gameinsky 12 years ago
  Noticed, thank you captain obvious.
devil_piez 12 years ago
  its a collab with me in it
gamelover101 12 years ago
  Nice concept! :D
gameinsky 12 years ago
  Well-done concept.


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gameinsky 12 years ago
  Well-done concept.
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