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Topic, Level "World wide", game "Jump Gear 2"

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Coolguy52 8 months ago
  Oh - I've been spotted... In seriousness - this is about as fast as I can go. I never know where or how to improve. I just play a level a bit until I break my old PB.
Dynamo 8 months ago
  I need to watch my back, you're slowly creeping up on me in the global rankings now! :O
Coolguy52 8 months ago
  I think 37k is possible. Happy for now with that run.
PineappleDude 9 years ago
  Look at this vid i made for you Chris1 :)
chris3000 9 years ago
  How the hell do you get over 30,000 here? The end always messes me up.
PineappleDude 9 years ago
OliAli 10 years ago
  Haha, And I beat you in 7th try, but its very close :D
Asteria 10 years ago
  NOOOOOOO I thought no one will ever beat my highscore
spinel27 10 years ago
  Not VH I did it in 2nd try
Asteria 10 years ago
  (Evil laugh) High score
ost000101 11 years ago
  Nice level!!
< My score: ( 2 ^ 7 ) * 100 >
Dynamo 11 years ago
  bad bad glitch!
SogeKing 11 years ago
  Yayayay finally i did it but only 1 score
Oxideee 11 years ago
  Noooo I finally got over that death rectangle and there is a stupid break
magnum111 11 years ago
  very hard but finally done
Nikobam 11 years ago
I did it :)
Very nice level
Also very hard
oggologgo 11 years ago
  I can't make that jump.

Finally I did it
gameinsky 11 years ago
Ernii 11 years ago
  Nothing special :P its simple.
But well world wide is like different grounds :P changes aloot like grass normal slow break spikes :)...
gameinsky 11 years ago
  cool level!
can you explain the title ?
Ernii 11 years ago
  Thanks :)
jp 11 years ago
  Very good indeed. I made a few minor changes and made it official.
THeNiNJa 11 years ago
  Great first level, Ernii. It's a hard level!


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THeNiNJa 11 years ago
  Great first level, Ernii. It's a hard level!
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