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Topic, Level "Turtle The Climber", game "Rolling Turtle"

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Sires 10 years ago
  Wow... there were times when I was sure that I would never reach the flag in this level. But finally... :-)

Amazingly hard. And I have to correct my statement I made 11 months ago: It is NOT purely luck based. It is just very tricky.
Sires 11 years ago
  Could you at least put a checkpoint in one of these baskets? I made it to the one before the top and then fell down... after hours and hours of trying. I HATE this level.
Sires 11 years ago
  This isn't hard, this is purely luck-based. Thanks to the messy design of the little baskets there, it is impossible to do precise jumps. The left side of the basket is different from the right side. I tested it with corner-jumps. On the right side, every jump is identical to the one before. On the left side, every corner-jump is totally different. That makes it impossible to jump from basket to basket.
MooKings 11 years ago

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