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Topic, Level "Challenges!", game "Rolling Turtle"

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newrat 10 years ago
  Top score...boom!
Bobby 10 years ago
  i love this level
jacencaedus 10 years ago
  got to make the first challenge so that the hedgehogs move a little sooner
pkb123 10 years ago
  I really want it to be official but it doesn't look like its going to be :(
gameinsky 10 years ago
  i neededmuch time to complete the invisible part , nice agree with to be oficial
Jac1 10 years ago
  I think it should be official too!
pkb123 10 years ago
  I didnt think the invisible part was that hard because i had the dots coming down to guide you as to where the platforms were.

Minmay thats why it is thinking outside the box because you have to think to do the things that would usually not work.
Nikobam 10 years ago
  Too hard cant complete it i have used 346 jumps on the dots invicible line jump place well anyways i think it should be official so now we are 8 that think it should be official
minmay 10 years ago
  To be honest I did not like this level that much. It was less about thinking outside of the box and more about doing things that would normally be totally stupid

The invisible block part was a bit better though.
lololol 10 years ago
  Come on jp.. Make it official!
GymnastGrl 10 years ago
  i agree it should be official :-)
Hillycobber 10 years ago
  that was an awsome level
good work pkb
i recon official for sure
pkb123 10 years ago
  Can it please be official i really want an official level??
Sillius 10 years ago
  Official :D
pkb123 10 years ago
  YAY im so happy people are liking my levels...thats my second level that has comments saying official...thanks
cam 10 years ago
oh_bebe 10 years ago
  this is really good but those invisible lines make me want to punch my screen for real

PS I agree that it should be official

**shwew i did it. :)**
lololol 10 years ago
  Why isn't this official?!


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lololol 10 years ago
  Why isn't this official?!
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