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Topic, Level "Dislocated Earth", game "Jump Gear 2"

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Coolguy52 5 months ago
  8 points off with 3 huge time losses D:

EDIT: 50k after ages :DDD
kirrock 1 year ago
  Thank you, LadersHD :)
LadersHD 1 year ago
  I vote this level to be official! Very good kirrock! Nice design, 5/5 :D
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  Finally got the highscore :S

@AK I assume they stopped adding to that as the award will become too easy.
AK 1 year ago
  Do I spy another level for Impossible Gear? :p
popo2 1 year ago
  2hard4me but at least I still got it.
kirrock 1 year ago
  Thank you, Coolguy :)
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  Astounding level! Nice tricks used and a really cool ending. 5/5!

I vote official - but I can see why the difficulty could change other people's opinions.

EDIT: 20k, I'll stop here for now :) (I reckon I could get 40k, but I messed up the ending too many times :/)
kirrock 1 year ago
  Thanks, Elizea :) Glad I created it.
Elizea 1 year ago
  Nice seeing a level from again :)


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Elizea 1 year ago
  Nice seeing a level from again :)
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