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Topic, Level "Bow and Arrow", game "Jellify"

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Coolguy52 4 days ago
  Oh yeah, I was confident that nobody else had solved that level, that I think I forgot to actually check. Thanks, and sorry for forgetting. Still only one other solver to ever complete that level shows that this level is one of the toughest out there, and solving that with pen and paper is just stupidly crazy in my eyes.
SimonM 4 days ago
  I solved Expert Gardening (Jellify) as well, but that doesn't take away the genius of bbdest.
Coolguy52 5 days ago
  It is my opinion that he is the most astounding player to play the game. Only he and suhangha have ever fully swept the game, and his lasted for a nearly a year! He’s the strongest player of the game, and I owe the verification of some of my levels to him. His most marvellous feat, however, concerns his (well Simon’s) level.

Pendent Garden (Jellify) is not actually the original version of the level. Simon nerfed the original to make his level fit in the advanced category, after a few players (including bbdest) discussed the level. They found that it was not only hard, but possibly impossible. bbdest wouldn’t have this, and despite the fact that he was away from his computer, he solved the original by hand, using pen and paper within an hour or so - and his solution worked, which gave rise to Expert Gardening (Jellify). Solving any expert by pen and paper is truly remarkable, but the fact that no other player has ever solved the level since, bbdest is without a doubt in my mind, the greatest player of all time. That’s not to take away anything from other solvers, but he is absolutely legendary.
Dynamo 5 days ago
  Finally solved!! This level is just astounding in how it was put together, I love levels that kinda immerse me into another experience at the same time, bbdest truly is one of the best.

Coolguy52 1 year ago
  This one is really cool :)
SimonM 1 year ago
  This level is really nicely thought out! I managed to equal your score bbdest.


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SimonM 1 year ago
  This level is really nicely thought out! I managed to equal your score bbdest.
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