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chris3000 29 days ago
  Welcome back pig, hope you'll make some new lvls soon.
pig 1 month ago
  I just checked the site if there's any new official levels, got me disappointed though :( I hope some day before this site ends we can get new officials.
chris3000 1 month ago
  Thanks for the advice, I think I also know how to post pictures in our chatroom so i can show you guys and give you a sneak peek at what my future levels look like.
Dynamo 1 month ago
  To be fair that’s a good point CG, I suppose there is still a lot of potential for simple block matching levels. Considering Jellify’s 1500 levels, compared to BB’s almost 10000 levels. And gravity changers provide so much opportunity for variety and clever tricks to be implemented too.
Coolguy52 1 month ago
  That list is based on ratings - and you require a certain number of ratings on your levels to get on there. I think I was on about 20 levels when I got there - but it's not impossible to get on with only 3 or 4.

I agree with pretty much everything Dynamo said. I would attempt to complete every beginner - there's only a couple that really slowed me down. After that, I wouldn't bother trying to complete all the intermediates unless you really want to because there's over 600 and some of them are absolutely ridiculous. Having said that, taking out a good chunk of them would help a lot. I completely agree that randomly moving is basically wasting your time though. It is almost never helpful and I would only use it as a last resort.

I don't think that matching blocks is necessarily a bad idea (I think there's still some room for tricks with it), it's probably not a great idea if you're not used to creating levels. Compactness is always necessary, even if you make a large level, make it as compactly as possible. Often, size is almost never a challenge and it just makes a level more tedious.

One thing that I will say is to never use freezers and then an easy to reach defroster. Freezers are an amazingly simple way to make a level a lot more challenging, but having defrosters accessible with no effort completely remove the challenge of the freezer. A level that I look to in seeing how to execute these two attachments amazingly is Defrostbite Caves. This is a brilliant level, because there is only one defroster, and it is far away from three of the targets. It forces you to consider the order and that you need to be able to get the red, yellow and blue to their targets unfrozen. Another level which does it really well is Freeze Trial. This is just one aspect of Jellify, and there are many other things, but I think it's best if you figure out what works for you. Don't hesistate to ask for help with creating level though. Good luck in making levels if you try Chris! :)
Dynamo 1 month ago
  Speaking from experience chris, creating levels here, first of all, requires a solid understanding of all the mechanics of the game. Go through the packs made by Treazer and work your way up from the Kids levels. Try to avoid randomly moving blocks (even though on some levels there isn't really much choice), think about the shapes that you need to create and where they need to be placed, especially if there appears to be an off-limits area or an unreachable block, etc. Once you fully understand the level, you can then work to solve it, or backwards solve in order to get to a certain point.

This is just to ensure that the levels you produce have some variety and aren't all simply just matching coloured blocks. However, there are some fantastic levels with very clever tricks that only include blocks. But with the amount of levels Jellify now has, these kinds of levels have mostly all been executed. Like CG and Simon both said, compact levels are the most fun and tend to produce some of the better Jellify levels; as you will see, the majority of the officials are compact and offer a fresh new challenge for the player.

Hope this helps! :D

Sidenote: Does anybody know if there is a certain number of levels you need to create to feature on the Designers list?
chris3000 1 month ago
  I would definitely make more levels if I had more time and motivation. Maybe some of you can teach me some level making tips one day.
Coolguy52 1 month ago
  It’s a bit of both for me I’m afraid. I’ll definitely try to make more levels though, I’ve been tying to get back into it for a while but can never get a good idea going...
Dynamo 1 month ago
  CG I noticed you haven't made a level here in a while, I miss your little challenges, please make some more if you have spare time! While I seem to have got into a level creating rhythm everyone seems to be busy or have lost creative inspiration :(

I'd also like to propose a new level 1 admin to accept new levels and sort out issues whenever Simon is busy, I would like to put myself forward for it too if Simon likes the idea. :D
Coolguy52 2 months ago
  I never noticed that - cool find, and even cooler easter egg!
Dynamo 2 months ago
  It was today that I realised that completing an official level gives you a yellow 'Level completed' screen, and an accepted level a blue 'Level completed' screen. What a nice subtle extra touch. :D
suhangha 2 months ago
  Right and smart plan for he :)
Coolguy52 2 months ago
  That could be good - maybe we could vote on the levels in the 'Official Consideration' pack?
Dynamo 2 months ago
  I think we should have a community vote on some new officials. :D
suhangha 2 months ago
  You are lucky . I can almost guess the age. while potentially half month ago
chris3000 2 months ago
  I messaged him on Twitter 3 weeks ago. He said he was real busy with university school and work. Treazer has a Twitter account and so do I.
suhangha 2 months ago
  Do you know him almost age?
chris3000 2 months ago
  He's probably busy with college and work related things.
Dynamo 2 months ago
  Treazer come back so we can have more officials pls :(
chris3000 4 months ago
  I agree, and suhanga makes high quality original levels. Well at least I'm not too far away from the award. If you guys see my posts on certain lvls, then I'm totally stuck.
SimonM 4 months ago
  I want to emphasise on Coolguy's point: great levels are usually compact and focus on a single challenge. So don't try to put every feature in your level. To get inspiration, look at the small levels from suhangha.
Coolguy52 4 months ago
  The only tip I can give is to keep trying to make a concept until you are happy with the execution. I’d say the vast majority of my levels weren’t completely finished on the first attempt, and most took a lot of refinement for me to be happy uploading them. There is no secret formula to make a perfect level. Generally, the great levels are as compact as possible, challenging and unique. The only way to see if your level is good is to test the level a lot.
chris3000 4 months ago
  I feel the same way Dynamo. I guess the best way is to talk to Simon in the chat since he is the creator. And Treazer too. But the best way to solve levels is to keep playing the level until you get it. It's like trial and error.
Dynamo 4 months ago
  Can someone give me any tips for making levels here? I have plenty of cool ideas but no idea how to execute most of them, I want to be able to make levels more consistently.
suhangha 4 months ago
  I'm not sure you should give trusted. I think must be changed categories more than 2.
suhangha 4 months ago
  They levels is extremely hard.
If the modification can be changed, I'll be changed, but you can change it directly. 4 levels
suhangha 4 months ago
  [!]: Representative difficult Jellify levels because Extra levels in difficult 2 series

Can be better for Expert Levels:
Electric 6
Electric 7
Wild 6
Wild 7
chris3000 4 months ago
  Whenever I have more free time I need a couple guys to help walk me through beating more levels and making them. It would be more fun and challenging if I made my own levels for everyone to play.
suhangha 4 months ago
  Continue, if directly Simon's communication
suhangha 4 months ago
  SUB ADMIN AND DM YOSHI NOT Visited for 1 month samtime.
LIVE TIME possible indeed?

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