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Topic, i want to make my own game but cant need help.

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Mmmmmm 9 months ago
SimonM 8 years ago
  You can also use open source programs which cost nothing. :)
alanliu12121 8 years ago
  You'll need to learn how to code first.
jake20056 8 years ago
  I need to know too,how to make a kind of editor
Im 11 years ago
  Who said it costs 5600? o_O
gameinsky 11 years ago
  It's not 600, it's 699, and that's how lmuch Flash costs.
darkrai100 11 years ago
  why do i have to
jasperpostema 11 years ago
  Pay 600 dollars and make a game
darkrai100 11 years ago
  i want to add items to my game but i can't help plz
Hexicube 12 years ago
  yes but not straight away
[edit] definetely a bad estimate, I think it could get into the 90-100% range...:D
I don't get the intrucions on the level either
gameinsky 12 years ago
  An answer is enough.
Hexicube 12 years ago
  urm...that was a bit random...I will soon because i'm draining my net trying to get CS4 (I won't post link here don't worry not that sort of peron) and will be gone in about 15 minutes so...yeah...
[edit] my net will probably last up until 15-25% of it :(
gameinsky 12 years ago
  Done, hey mark:check your inbox please.
Hexicube 12 years ago
  murtaza64 get rid of that before this topic goe bye bye aswell!!!
Im 12 years ago
  I would start with platform. But you should learn AS first, so you don't need to search the Internet and c/p all the time. xD
Hexicube 12 years ago
  start off simple...something that doesn't involve complex calculations, like pong or something :D
zodiacra 12 years ago
  No like TD games, platform games, or something else. =P
Im 12 years ago
  Games with level editors. xD
At least for BL.
zodiacra 12 years ago
  Witch software can be used for creating to design resources?
And thx for your help, but what kind of game should i make?
Im 12 years ago
  I cannot believe I remembered that I read that. xD
Hexicube 12 years ago
  I didn't know that...:D
I thought only Flash worked...
Im 12 years ago
  I... think I read somewhere that jp said that you could use Flex SDK. Not sure. :S

Quoting jp from Flash version
Hey starpower.
You have several ways to develop flash :
The most popular way and easiest way for the beginners, is to buy the latest Flash IDE (integrated development environement). The latest one is Flash CS4. It's expensive but you can do everything with it (design your vector graphics, actionscripts, compile).

The other way is Flex SDK. It's a free compiler. You can use it with a free IDE like Flashdevelop. But you'll have to use another software to design your resources (no easy design of vector graphics here). Flex is based on Actionscript 3, like in Flash CS4. The BL API is either AS2 or AS3 so Flex will be compatible with the BL API (never tested until now).

There are other ways to develop flash like haXe and Alchemy but they are not supported by BL as they use their own scripting language.

zodiacra 12 years ago
  I can't pay...(my dad wont let me, and i don't want to pay myself)

any other program?
Hexicube 12 years ago
  not free costs a lot
Im 12 years ago
Adobe website
zodiacra 12 years ago
  Is that free? And where can i download it? (if it's free)
Im 12 years ago
With editor
zodiacra 12 years ago
  I want to make a game engine for BL too, but witch program should i use? (best if it's free)
also what program for editor?
And witch kind of game would be good for BL?
Hexicube 12 years ago
  This has become off-topic :D
bwac2012 12 years ago
  Jac, could you post a link to you website?

[1] [2] [3]

Flash game development

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Full_Metal 12 years ago
  if anyone can help my i need to know how to make a new game
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