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Topic, Level "Breaking & Entering", game "Jellify"

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Dynamo 4 months ago
  Wow thanks guys, I really didn’t expect this kind of reaction from this level, it was kinda just something I threw together with the idea that I wanted some kind of hidden element in the middle. I‘ve always been unsure what defines a ‘trick’ in Jellify, but I think suhangha is right, it’s more just knowing exactly how to use certain features and blocks to your advantage- although I guess that kinda describes a trick, idk... I’m not sure if this is official standard compared to other levels in the running, but I guess that’s not up to me if you guys like it :)
suhangha 4 months ago
  I think this is a planning concept, not a trick.
SimonM 4 months ago
  It's a very nice level with official potential, but I don't see one specific trick. I might have missed it.

Edit: I think I know what you guys mean. To me it seem like a few tricks consecutively.
nelson90 4 months ago
  Fully agree, this level is fantastic and the trick really brilliant, it deserves to be official.
Coolguy52 4 months ago
  Now that you say it - not only is that trick brilliant, I cannot remember seeing that trick either. I'll vote this to be official too.
pudelmuetzennashorn 4 months ago
  I agree with the offical statement. I've never seen the usage of that trick.
Coolguy52 4 months ago
  Wow that's such a good one! Really looks impossible but that middle trick is brilliant!
suhangha 4 months ago
  May be official level - I give 5/5.


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suhangha 4 months ago
  May be official level - I give 5/5.
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