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Topic, World+Boss Contest

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Sillius 11 years ago
  Hehe ty :D
jp 11 years ago
  Congrats Sillius, the medal (your second !) is on your profile.
geckojsc 11 years ago
  Yaay! Congratulations Sillius!
iamstormtrooper 11 years ago
  Hooray! its over!
Fanta-Freak 11 years ago
  Sillius are my cousin... and i know hes not home right now, hes in norway (we're danish)
oh_bebe 11 years ago
Your level The land of Alarion (Rolling Turtle) wins!!

Top 3 levels:
The land of Alarion - 6 votes
Paranoia - 5 votes
The Star Flower - 5 votes
MooKings 11 years ago
  The Magic Fountain and the Star Flower!
Fanta-Freak 11 years ago
  land of alarion and paranoia
Z-come 11 years ago
  i vote for land of alarion too! :)
Kcnkcn 11 years ago
  my vote go the the land of alarion!
Jac1 11 years ago
  Actually I change my mind. I vote fore Paranoia and... Paranoia!
iamstormtrooper 11 years ago
The levels i choose are Pac-Man Story, and The Star Flower
Thanks for all the contributions and awesome levels! Hope you enjoyed making them! I know I did! :)
demonicyoshi 11 years ago
  noooo i missed the contest! i told you my level wouldnt be done in time! maybe i'll find a way to enter it in a future contest.
starpower 11 years ago
  not easy. Paranoi for its story and the challanges,
star flower for its boss and design,
the magic fountain havent really completed the level,
land of alarion another one i really havent toke my time to complete it.
but my final votes go to paranoia and the star flower
geckojsc 11 years ago
  Paranoia + The Land of Alarion!
pkb123 11 years ago
  The Magic Fountain & The Star Flower
WooHooII 11 years ago
  My votes go to The Star Flower and The land of Alarion.
oh_bebe 11 years ago
Vote for your favorite 2 levels.
You have until April 4 to vote.
Winner will be announced April 5.

I vote for Paranoia and The land of Alarion
MooKings 11 years ago
  So...when do we start voting?
1jase 11 years ago
  hey sillius do you think Flowers of Annoy is a world boss?
Jac1 11 years ago
  Actually, no... as long as you don't vote for your own level!
iamstormtrooper 11 years ago
  Oh. Ok. Cool
Im 11 years ago
  @Jac1, just to add to your comment ; "Even people who's not even in the contest (duh...)"
Jac1 11 years ago
  Everyone can vote!
iamstormtrooper 11 years ago
  Ying! Just a few more days! :D
Can't wait! There are soo many good ones! Feelin kinda intimidated rite now :D

Can only admins vote, or can there be volunteers too?
oh_bebe 11 years ago
  Is anyone else planning on entering a level?
I might end the contest early, because it was actually supposed to end already, then we extended it, but the entries are kind of trickling off.. so maybe I'll move it back again.
dingding22 11 years ago
  Here is mine! : Pac-Man Story (Rolling Turtle)
spiderpeps 11 years ago
  Domain of death (Rolling Turtle)
WooHooII 11 years ago
  Paranoia (Rolling Turtle) is now complete.
Sillius 11 years ago
  I finished my level for the contest now... you'll maybe find it a bit laggy and if you find some small bugs please tell me :D

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