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Topic, Level "Flower Land 2", game "Jump Gear 2"

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LadersHD 8 months ago
  *unless lmao
chris3000 9 years ago
  i've got a bad score here
Coolguy52 9 years ago
  This is hard, i have done this and this is very Cool
DragonPower 10 years ago
  I'm second place for this level...
Oxideee 11 years ago
  Gahh the seed stunned me and knocked me into flower
Jacobdec5 11 years ago
  i got highscoce
Shiro 11 years ago
  That's why I thought it was way harder X_X!
Jac1 11 years ago
  It's not easy to drive over the plants!

You really have to time your jump!

Drve-jumping over the plants is IMO much much harder!
Shiro 11 years ago
  I did not know that you could just drive over those plants, if I knew, I would make them a bit higher so you really had to jump, that's why I was really suprised people found this one alot easier than the first one. Try to jump instead of jump drive at the right speed, you will see that's why I thought this one was alot harder than the first one.
Jacobdec5 11 years ago
  it is easy
Shiro 11 years ago
  Lol :P

That happened to me too ^_^
Im 11 years ago
  Killed by the seed!
niimporta 11 years ago
  Easier than first
Kirby 11 years ago
  ye, great level.
Shiro 11 years ago
  I didn't know you could just drive when you reach those plants >_>

That's why it's so easy.
SuperMario 11 years ago
kolortmadsen 11 years ago
  It Is Fun :D
HI_AB_LM 11 years ago
  hey is official!!
thanks jp!!
Shiro 11 years ago
  I'm waiting for more opinions, because I already was making a third xD

But mabey I will delete it if people want me to stop making this Serie :)
gameinsky 11 years ago
  bwaaah doesn't matter , if the third one is as fun you get the jump gear 2 record , if you get 5 you get the Bl record
Shiro 11 years ago
  It is, thanks Jp, :D

I think you all want me to stop making 'Flower Land' levels now :X?
gameinsky 11 years ago
  it is official ???
wow it is not even in the level catalogus but official whow!

[edit]dang , killed by the seed
HI_AB_LM 11 years ago
  please jp i think it need be official!! why not two levels with a very similar name??three no...but two why not???
PaulWalrus 11 years ago
  I liked the first one. It was fun.

In case you're wondering, I played it BEFORE it was official.
Shiro 11 years ago
  Flower Land 1 is in the almost latest position of official levels.
Banana 11 years ago
  This MUST become official!

PS, where is Flower Land 1?
HI_AB_LM 11 years ago
  i think it should be official jp....gameinsky has reason: there are two fair and square...why not this one??i think is cooler than the second fair and square...
Yoji 11 years ago
  Shiro is right, change this one to Flower land and the other one to flower land 2!
Shiro 11 years ago
  @Jp, mabey I can change this title to 'Flower Land' and the other one to 'Flower Land 2'
gameinsky 11 years ago
  not that i want it official or somethings but fair and square got an oficial sequel and also orbital version 1.0

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gundu 11 years ago
  Harder than the first!
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