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Topic, Level "Accurate Cannon", game "Rolling Turtle"

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1jase 10 years ago
  IT is a good level! 5/5

sorry about earlier oh_bebe
Ellemennt75 10 years ago
  I can't pass this...
oh_bebe 10 years ago
  I deleted all your messages because this is out of hand.
Lots of ideas for levels get re-done by others. You give up rights to your level after you upload it; there is even a pop-up that says so when you upload. So you can not have the rights to any ideas or names of levels that you make on BL. (Which means you cannot tell others to not steal your ideas.)
Sires 10 years ago
  Wow, thanks a lot for the hint. I totally "hate" those glitches, you know... but that hint might help me in another level as well, where I am stuck ("Know thine enemy").
Fanta-Freak 10 years ago
  heres a hint if you dont know how to do!
Sires 10 years ago
  No offence, but I think this is the weakest accurate level so far. Besides, it doesn't work for me.
Fanta-Freak 10 years ago
  thank you. normaly i dont like accurate but i got this idea so... :P
Sillius 10 years ago
  Great! Best accurate level if you ask me :p
Fanta-Freak 10 years ago
  please rate and comment :)


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Fanta-Freak 10 years ago
  please rate and comment :)
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