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Daft_Punk 9 years ago
  These are cool!
SimonM 9 years ago
  OK, I will do
Jos 9 years ago
  I'm sorry but your levels are too similar. And I have to agree with Vasilok. Try to find somethings original (like you did very good with your level "colorful raster").
Vasilok97 9 years ago
  Emm... Sorry but I can't enjoy this typ of lvls.
SimonM 9 years ago
  Enjoy my pack

BLockoban developed by jp

A puzzle game inspired by Sokoban and Cubeoban.
Try also BLockoban for iPhone.

Pack Elements created by SimonM

This pack contains all the elements and their derivations:


Lava: Earth+Fire
Mist: Air+Water
Mud: Earth+Water
Sandstorm: Air+Earth
Smoke: Air+Fire
Steam: Fire+Water

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