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Jos 6 years ago
  Just beated Jyxz in the this level pack. Can't be possible.

Edit: indeed, he just didn't had posted a score since a long time.
psychomaster 7 years ago
  NOTE: BLockoban is spelled wrong in the pack desc. It's BLockoban, from what I hear.
anaana 7 years ago
  Here I'm, I didn't know that this packs exist. :)
Jos 7 years ago
  I know, I know, that's why I'm talking about "posting a score on this level pack".
oldmanrob 7 years ago
  You have to play the pack to be on the list.
Jos 7 years ago
  Wow, just discovered that the actual third place in this pack isn't jyxz but anaana. 5315 levels completed and she even haven't posted a score on this pack?!
SuperMario 7 years ago
  Murat, you could put when this pack was made (If you remember).
oldmanrob 7 years ago
  edit: message removed.
sorry guys it was the wrong place.
SimonM 8 years ago
  I've solved a lot of levels lately.
SuperMario 8 years ago
  3 moves remaning to get 20000 xP
CamoDragoon 9 years ago
  Thanks OMR, thought that was the case.
And thanks a bunch, Murat!!!
And TM, wow didn't know that, it's on the mobile blockoban. O_o
SimonM 9 years ago
  Wow, this must have take quit a time, special thanks to large commitment of murat!!
Btw: Toughman and murat(again) congratz for completing every accepted BB level there is!!(I pown you all with my high number of moves!)
ToughMan 9 years ago
  Hey buddy, 'Lines Birth Death' is a rejected level. You might want to remove it from the list. Again I admire ur passion and commitment to the game.
oldmanrob 9 years ago
  On the packs you have to play first than it show you.
CamoDragoon 9 years ago
  Y does it only show you guys? O_o
ToughMan 9 years ago
  WTG Murat. This is exactly what has been missing. A world Tournament. Thanks for the great work. May you get the best Pack Award!!

BLockoban developed by jp

A puzzle game inspired by Sokoban and Cubeoban.
Try also BLockoban for iPhone.

Pack Every Level Counts. created by murat

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